Students Can Go To An Online Summer Camp In Minecraft, Hosted by Connected Camps

Students Can Go To An Online Summer Camp In Minecraft, Hosted by Connected Camps
Credit: Connected Camps

Sadly during this Quarantine, most if not all summer camps are closed, The nonprofit Connected Camps has created numerous online summer camp programs in an attempt to bring the students together.

Connected Camps have most of these online summer camps utilizing the game of Minecraft, and these camps aren’t Connected Camps first time offering online summer camps.

Connected Camps has had more than 10,000 young people participating in its online programs over the last five years.

These programs will combine hands-on activities with both free playtime in a social environment along with guided lessons and peer mentoring. These programs follow the same format as in-person camps by relying on a corps of “young, relatable and thoroughly trained” counsellors and coaches from various backgrounds.

Those backgrounds include university programs in Computer Science, Game Development, Economics, and Design. These counsellors and coaches also have had extensive background checks, and Connected Camps has emphasized safe online practices.

The online camps have two different formats, and this includes a co-ed and a girls-only format. This allows parents or students to choose the right camp for them.

These camps run for a total of five days, 90 minutes a day, from June 1 through August 14. These camps include an Animation or Theater camp, an Architecture, a Paleontology or Roman History camp, a Coding, Engineering or game Design camp, and an Animation and video creation camp. All of these camps make use of the game Minecraft.

There are other programs that utilize different games as well, for the Coding, Engineering, or Game Design can also use the game of Roblox.

These programs range from $65 to $100 for the week-long camp, and for the longer camps, the price ranges from $60 to $140.

If students are unable to wait until June 1 to start these programs, Connected Camps are currently running a server ConnectedCraft Minecraft Server for students ages 14 to 17. This server is up and available Wednesday through Friday between 1 and 3 pm Pacific Time, and for weekends, the server is from 1 to 5 pm.

Registration is required to be able to connect to this server, get your child/student registered here at this link. The registration google doc asks for simple information, including the parents/guardian email, parent’s full name, and student school email.

In addition, this google document features a question for the Minecraft Username with the warning that if the Username is deemed inappropriate for the server.