Ubisoft Discusses Community Concerns Over Rainbow Six Siege In Latest Developer Blog

Ubisoft Discusses Community Concerns Over Rainbow Six Siege In Latest Developer Blog
Credit: GameSpot via YouTube

In their constantly-updated community blog, Ubisoft saw fit to discuss some of the biggest concerns the community has voiced over recent months concerning Rainbow Six Siege. Compiled into a list with consistent updates to show the progress, Ubisoft discussed some of the most pressing issues facing the title.

The first of these features being discussed was the sound packaging system, which the developers are working to improve on all fronts.

“Our priority on that front is to first repackage the way sounds are stored and connected to the game,” Ubisoft writes in their announcement. “We currently have a limited ability to fix specific issues and this improvement should make it easier for us to work on the audio aspect of the game.”

Cheating and hacking takes up a great amount of the update, which seems to be both a good and bad thing. On one hand, it’s fantastic that the developers are looking into such issues; on the other, it’s a shame that so many players utilize exploits that it serves as such a large problem.

Speaking on DDoS attacks on consoles, Ubisoft discusses mitigation plans to help combat the issue. The developers mention that they’ll be continuing to monitor the situation and fix issues where they can, but the mitigation plans being discussed with their partners seem to be the focus.

The same seems to be said for general cheating and hacking. Rather than staying restricted to only addressing DDoS, Ubisoft seems to have their sights set on exploits in general, from aimbots to power leveling.

“We continue working in close collaboration with all our partners to flag, report, & identify cheaters as effectively as possible,” Ubisoft wrote. “Steel Wave contained dissuasive measures such as rank lock below level 50, as well as a limit of 100 games to reach the Champion’s rank.”

Ubisoft also mentions some other options they’ll be improving on, which they intend to share a more detailed discussion of their plans moving forward. Additionally, they intend to work to improve reporting tools and profile screening.

While the developers discuss some gameplay tweaks that they intend to apply soon, the bulk of the update focuses in on combatting cheating and other such issues. Ubisoft seems dedicated to keeping the servers as fair as possible.

As time goes on, we’ll hopefully see a marked improvement with the fixes that Ubisoft intends to implement. With so many issues to tackle, it could be quite some time before the developers can apply everything they want to.