Deadrop Is A Video Game Created By Dr. Disrespect; Check Out Some Early Gameplay Clips

Deadrop Is A Video Game Created By Dr. Disrespect; Check Out Some Early Gameplay Clips
Credit: DrDisRespect via YouTube

The multiplayer first-person shooter that was once known as Project Moon has a new name and some history information according to Midnight Society, the production company Dr. Disrespect created. Deadrop is set in the year “2020. b,” when self-governing megastructures called the Refiner States to transform hazardous air pollutants into a priceless addictive drug called “space dust,” according to the Midnight Society website.

“Once Government-owned facilities, the lucrative ‘DUST’ trade has now led to the forceful occupation of the REFINER STATES by various factions contending for control of the towers and the resources inside,” the report continues. The Skins and Syns, two factions that compete with each other, and the Cleaners, who currently hold control of the Refiner State skyscrapers, are likely to be represented by players.

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Deadrop, a “vertical extraction shooter,” will have you fighting your way up the tower while gathering resources to survive so you may escape with the booty. Then you use that to pay for your subsequent journey. It has a cyberpunk makeover and sounds similar to Escape From Tarkov.
Selling $50 Founders Access Passes that provide players access to six-weekly “snapshot” builds from the game’s early development allowed Deadrop to acquire money. The first of them, Snapshot CL 1859, is currently available. Founders can download it to explore their hiding place and test three different assault weapon ranges.

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Since the game is still in the very early stages of development, the majority of what you can see in the player-uploaded videos is probably subject to change. Deadrop is a wonderful illustration of why games often aren’t publicly shown this early on. Except if you’re one of the more readily impressed streamers who have hopped on board, there isn’t much to see and nothing to get excited about.
According to Midnight Society, the goal of this build was to “set the groundwork for fundamental player movement, weapon systems, and the introduction of an environment in which to test the first weapon.” The start of authentication, profile, account, dedicated server support and development for upcoming Deadrop multiplayer capabilities is also marked by Snapshot CL 1859.