Star Wars Battlefront II Gets Better Over Time As New Update Add More Exciting Contents And Details

Star Wars Battlefront II Gets Better Over Time As New Update Add More Exciting Contents And Details
Credit: EA Star Wars via YouTube

Star Wars Battlefront II is getting better over the years, especially with the release of another update this week.

On September 25, the shooter game from Electronic Arts will finally have its Cooperation Update. This will be packed with exciting enhancements, particularly the arrival of the Clone Commando soldiers in Felucia, a new location.

Certified Star Wars fans surely have a lot to look forward with the inclusion of new characters and location. These would give more fun to the gameplay as these new additions would boast of upgraded details.

The troop of Clone Commandos is equipped with high-powered weapons and capabilities. Their readiness to battle in Star Wars Battlefront II is coupled with the DC-17m Repeating Blaster Rifle. They are even made stronger by the Anti-Armor Attachment, which enables them to launch lethal blasts against the opponents.

The elite operatives boast of the Battle Focus Ability that allows them to protect the allies near them. It is likewise capable of restoring their own health once they incur damage.

On the other hand, the much-awaited new location features incredible inclusions that make gaming more challenging and exciting. Felucia is not a regular planet. Amid its rich vegetation and natural resources, a pit awaits the players.

The paradise-like location in Star Wars Battlefront 2 is a place that would only permit the skilled and strong to survive. Players must be conscious of the possibility of encountering the giant Sarlacc pit. One wrong move, and it could already be the end of their lives.

Aside from the exciting additions, the upcoming update also comes with two modes, which are both centered on Clone Wars.

The In-Action mode is for those who access the game offline. This features battles versus the forces that are AI-controlled. The encounters are large scale by nature.

Meanwhile, the Co-Op mode of Star Wars Battlefront 2 is objective-based, which four players jointly achieve.

On Monday, September 23, the developer posted about the changes in its official Twitter account. Several followers commented sharing their observation about the game’s development. According to them, it has never failed to impress them as it has been improving continuously. Since the original title was launched in 2004, various upgrades have already been made, especially with the second installment. In fact, another one is coming next month.

On October 11 to 18, the classic attire of Farmboy Luke will be available as a collectible item. Players can have this if they overcome the in-game challenge during the said dates.

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