Infinity Ward Lists All The Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Beta Issues Noted So Far

Infinity Ward Lists All The Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Beta Issues Noted So Far
Credit: Slashgear

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare beta servers are closed leaving the first-person shooter game fans drooling for some more action. So far, the game looks fantastic and is actually a contender for the best game in 2019 just like the NPD predicted. The graphics, gameplay, and content are all up to the mark.

‘’Whether you only played one weekend or both, your feedback was heard, and we can’t thank you enough. This was one of the most crucial testing times for our game, and we’re honored that you all were with us every step of the way,’’ wrote Infinity Modern on a post shared on Reddit.

As expected in any game’s beta phase, there were some issues and bugs noted. Below are some of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare issues.

Players and the developer have registered and acknowledged several gameplay issues.

The first bug is during ground warfare where some players would spawn or get pushed under the map. This gave them the edge as they could still kill enemy players without being detected. Friendlies could also spawn on under the map, but the good thing is that Infinity Ward is looking into it.

Several weapon bugs have also been experienced; for example, players were unable to shoot through open rails or towers. Revived players also couldn’t defuse bombs or pick up weapons. It’s also absurd to see the VTOL Jet firing through the roof of several buildings at the quarry.

Many sound and audio issues were also noted.

Some PC gamers reported that they were unable to communicate with their console teammates. In some instances, there was no audio at all, or the only sound players heard was from vehicles only or weapons only. Lastly, when using a suppressed M13, the typical sound is still heard so you might blow your cover.

Only PlayStation 4 was stable during the beta phase as Xbox and PC experienced crashes. Infinity Ward also listed several console and PC specific bugs. For example, on PC, settings were not saving. As for Xbox, there were cases of screen tearing on character and weapon models.

The above are just some of the bugs and issues, which players noticed during the beta phase of the upcoming title, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. For the full list, please visit the Modern Warfare Reddit page.

Already, some of the bugs have been fixed. For example, the FOV Slider setting was reverting to default when a map is loaded has been fixed. The team at Infinity Ward is working round the clock to ensure all bugs are fixed once the game drops in October.