Upcoming Playstation5 Will Feature A More Efficient Power Saving Mode For Higher Energy Savings

Upcoming Playstation5 Will Feature A More Efficient Power Saving Mode For Higher Energy Savings
Credit: PlayStationGrenade via YouTube

While everyone’s anticipating the upcoming release of the new Sony console, reports about its specs and features are continually pouring in. One such noteworthy feature is the power-efficient and energy-saving standby mode.

This feature will be optional and not default, so PlayStation 5 users will have control over the type of power usage they want. This report was first spotted in a blog that focuses on environmental awareness.

Sony Interactive’s President and CEO also said that the new console will have the capability to suspend gameplay to a low power consumption mode. This new PS5 feature appears to be better than the previous version in PS4.

He also reiterates that if a million users enabled this feature, it would be saving a regular use equal to around a thousand US homes. Nonetheless, this seems to be the response of the console manufacturer. And due to previous criticisms of the console’s enormous energy suction, even when on standby mode.

The previous PlayStation and Xbox consoles were widely criticized because of their high power consumption rates when idle. The PS4 has been publicly scrutinized for consuming an average of 8.5 watts when it’s on standby mode. This also appears to be much higher than playing games where you only consume around 137 watts and 89 watts for streaming videos.

Nonetheless, Sony Interactive is being environmentally proactive by improving the energy profile of its next-generation consoles. The PlayStation 5 is rumored to be running in an integrated system-on-a-chip component which is bonded with a single substrate. This allows a RAM suspension mode so the setting can momentarily shelve the gameplay with less power.

On the other end, the design and manufacturing giant has announced that they have been contributing to environmental efforts. Sony Interactive has prevented the release of more than 16 tons of carbon footprint to the environment. This would add up to a significant change in carbon emissions during the next decade.

And Sony is not stopping with the energy efficiency of the new PS5. They are looking forward to managing carbon footprints released from their gaming services, especially from their data centers.

With the environment gaining focus from many tech giants, Sony is one of the big tech companies paving the way for others to follow. Several industry giants, including Facebook, Google, and Amazon, has moved to devote a considerable investment in climate-neutral and renewable energy sources.