Some Important Updates Are Heading To Fortnite, Including The Addition Of AI Bots

Some Important Updates Are Heading To Fortnite, Including The Addition Of AI Bots
Credit: Fortnite via YouTube

Fortnite continues to be one of the most popular battle royale games on the market right now. A huge reason for this is its regular updates and events. Every month or so, Epic Games makes improvements and introduces new features that give players a lot to look forward to.

Well, Fortnite is yet again about to get some big changes that are worth noting — especially if you’re a regular player of this incredible free-to-play game. First off, Epic announced that they’re making some changes to how matchmaking works. The logic behind matchmaking is getting an update because of the diversity of player skill that currently exists today.

What this ultimately means is Fortnite players of a particular skill will be matched with players of similar skill a lot more often. This is great news to hear. It should even the playing field for those who’ve just started playing the game, those at the pro level, and everyone else in between.

It can be extremely frustrating to join a session in Fortnite as a novice, only to get picked off within a couple of seconds. You don’t know the building system quite yet and aren’t sure where decent weapons are. On the opposite end of the spectrum, those who play Fortnite competitively are always looking for decent competition to sharpen their skills. Players just beginning don’t put up much of a fight. Thus, this new matchmaking system should benefit everyone in the end, really.

Another important change that Epic revealed was coming in the next update is the addition of bots. According to Epic, they’re intended to help with skill level discrepancy as well. Starting out, you’ll see more bots — which are essentially AI players. They’ll be much easier to take down as opposed to elite players who’ve put some time into this game.

As you advance in this game and rank up, there will be less and less bots. The intention here is to make ranking up an easier transition. You won’t be thrown to the wolves and face a lot of frustration on the battlefield. Both of these changes are great to see from Epic Games. They seem so intent on giving their fans the best battle royale experiences possible. They deserve a lot of credit, especially considering this game is completely free to play on all major platforms. Who knows what other great improvements they’ll make in the near future?