Resident Evil: Project Resistance Details Have Been Released As Well As A Demo At The Tokyo Game Show

Resident Evil: Project Resistance Details Have Been Released As Well As A Demo At The Tokyo Game Show
Credit: Capcom

With the massive success of Dead by Daylight, many other game devlopment companies are taking a look at 4v1 styled competitive games. Capcom is no exception as it brings players back to the outskirts of Raccoon City, where a secret human experiment is taking place. Project Resistance brings a new level of horror to the Resident Evil franchise with a 4v1 styled multiplayer challenge.

You choose whether to be a Survivor or a Mastermind. If you play as the Mastermind, you get to monitor cameras, control the facility itself, and set up the challenges that players must get past. If you are a Survivor, your entire job is to work with your team and try to escape the facility.

This does make the game turn out as a team-based competitive co-op game. In the demo given at the Tokyo Game Show 2019, the playable characters were Mastermind Daniel Fabron and the Survivors Sam, January, Valerie, and Tyrone. As people played through the trial, players were able to experience a close look at many of the game’s base mechanics.

Playing as the survivors require teamwork. Good teamwork puts the strength of each member first as you progress through the prison. The survivor’s entire goal is to reach the exit together as a team before the timer runs out. To open the door, you must defeat the zombies and collect a set of card keys to unlock the many locks preventing your escape.

Many familiar items made an appearance, including herbs and weapons. Umbrella Credits were introduced, allowing players to purchase items as they make their way through the facility. All credits are shared through the team, so buying an expensive item for yourself might mean leaving your teammates ill-equipped for the challenges ahead.

The Mastermind role lets you run the facility itself. To win, you must stop the survivors from escaping by monitoring their movements through the surveillance cameras. Keeping an eye on their movements, you can set traps and place creatures in their way to try and prevent them from getting the key cards.

The Mastermind uses a variety of cards that are used to augment the facility. Placing zombies, setting bear traps, and firing shots from the surveillance camera are all things you can do. Each card has a cost, and the stronger the card, the higher the cost is. You start out with a set number of cards you can use, but they slowly refill over time.

A closed beta is coming from October 4 through October 7, allowing players a chance to experience this new challenge. The game is planned for release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC when it comes out. No official release date has been confirmed as of yet.