The Survival Game The Long Dark: Episode 3 Is Appropriately Releasing In October; A Teaser Trailer Is Out Now

The Survival Game The Long Dark: Episode 3 Is Appropriately Releasing In October; A Teaser Trailer Is Out Now
Credit: Hinterland via YouTube

The month of September is drawing to a close, which means Halloween is almost upon us. This is one of the most celebrated holidays, especially in the gaming community. It’s a time when spooky games come out that cause the hair on our bodies to raise up. One such game that has this potential is The Long Dark: Episode 3 from Hinterland.

After several delays and shuffling, the developers are finally putting this latest episode in a gripping story out on October 22. It’s an appropriate release date considering the themes involved in this game. If you’ve played the first two episodes, you’re probably eager to find out what happens in this chilling survival game.

If you aren’t familiar with The Long Dark, it falls in the survival genre where you play solo exploring the vastness of a frozen wilderness. A geomagnetic disaster has just occurred and it seems like the end of days are upon your character. There aren’t zombies or ghostly entities to fight. Instead, you’ll have to conquer all of the threats that Mother Nature can throw at you.

As you probably already know, the game takes place in episodic format. The first two episodes were great, and they have since been re-hauled. Thus, they’re worth revisiting before experiencing everything this third episode has to offer. The rehaul includes a new mission structure, animations, and more.

As far as this third episode — called Crossroads Elegy — a teaser trailer is currently out now. The trailer starts out with somber music playing in the background. It’s appropriate considering the times that these people are in. There’s a fire going outside of the house, with people inside staying close to candles as a way to keep warm. The trailer does an amazing job at painting a hopeless scene.

Getting through each day is quite difficult. The cold has zapped everyone’s energy. Hunger and desperation start to set in. These elements are exactly what you would expect when facing the frozen apocalypse. At the end, the release date is provided. That’s pretty much all of the details that were provided. The developers seem keen on keeping the story elements close to their chest as to avoid spoilers.

It will be interesting to see what sort of challenges you’ll have to complete in this third episode. There are a total of five episodes in Season One, so you can bet things are about to ramp up.