Skyforge Ignition Has Been Released On All Platforms, Set Aelion Ablaze In This New Free DLC Package

Skyforge Ignition Has Been Released On All Platforms, Set Aelion Ablaze In This New Free DLC Package
Credit: Allods Team

Skyforge was originally released for PC in 2015, two years later it came to console as a free-to-play massively multiplayer role-playing game. It is developed by Allods Team working in collaboration with Obsidian Entertainment. It is set on a planet known as Aelion and has a weird fashion of science-fiction and fantasy elements.

For players, the game is about exploration as an immortal who is striving to become a god.  You protect the world and its population and rather than leveling you progress through your total of stats and progressions. You can easily develop and switch between the now 18 different classes.

To make the game sound even better, it is continuing to put out content for players. It includes the main MMO items, including crafting, PVP, and PVE options along with allowing players to take on their own missions. It is a linear game with an open-world vibe to it.

Skyforge has just released its new updated titled Ignition which has brought new missions along with a new class into the world. The new class is known as Firestarter, and it holds the power of all fire magic. In lore, the Firestarters tie to an ancient cult that worshipped fire and claimed their creation at the hands of a demented Fire God.

Now it is your turn to become that god as you train in seven powerful abilities meant to incinerate anyone who gets in your way. Your twin torches act as a primary source of power, but you can gain many amazing abilities alongside them. Burn, Flaming Sphere, Fire Breath, Eruption, and Fire Dance are only some of the thematic battle abilities you have access to.

In addition to the new class, veteran players gain access to a new specialization of the Divine Form known as Aspect of Magic. If you achieve a higher level of divinity, the Aspect of Magic will raise your God abilities to a whole new level.

There is a literal new world of opportunities in another new expansion recently released called New Horizons. Beneath the surface of Terra, you find a threat from Draconids, Aelion’s long-time enemy, and the Phytonides, an alien threat that is fighting in the City Ruins. It is time for you to claim your place as a God and defend your people against these new threats.

Skyforge and its Ignition update are available for download on the Xbox Store or on PC. The world is free-to-play, so it is never too late to join in and become immortal.