Celebrate Skyforge’s Fifth Anniversary, Now Live For PC, PlayStation 4, And Xbox One

Celebrate Skyforge’s Fifth Anniversary, Now Live For PC, PlayStation 4, And Xbox One
Credit: Skyforge via Youtube

Skyforge began its 5th Anniversary update on April 8.  The original release date was planned for March, but fans are only just now getting the promised content. Nevertheless, it is time to celebrate five bright years within the Skyforge community.

Three new Legendary Weapon Packs have become available within the in-game stores available for purchase. Hand of Destiny, A Sound of Thunder, and Grim Ritual each come with their unique abilities alongside already powerful strategies. Buying these will also unlock classes to be used with each weapon; be warned that if you already own one of the classes, you will not receive any additional compensation.

Players that take part in the Anniversary Update will receive extra bonuses during Invasion. Invasion Atlas is a new progression system where you can define your journey and rewards. As you navigate the celestial chart and select different nodes, players can enjoy unique perks, class benefits.

Witness the new Divine Form Wakan as it is released as an unlockable cosmetic n the new Phytonide Invasion Pass. The pass sees its release alongside the 5th Anniversary Expansion binging a whole new invasion of Aelion. Fight against the Phytonides and the Avatar Machavann to earn tons of rewards from the Invasion pass.

A new set of nightmare challenges have gone into effect to add a new level of difficulty to the game. Ramp up the difficulty to bring tougher enemies, more adversity, and more rewards. Veterans of the game will enjoy the extra challenge that comes with extra benefits.

Skyforge is a free-to-play MMO experience that lets you become an immortal and embrace the power of the divine gods. By battling in epic confrontations, players enjoy an ever-evolving world full of challenges, lore, and community events. Whether your in it for the power or seek to defend the world from ever rotating Invasions, Skyforge has something for everyone.

For more information about the Anniversary Expansion or the Legendary Weapons released alongside it, make sure to check out the main Skyforge website. The developers have created in-depth articles that go over the content on both.

Skyforge is a free-to-play MMORPG that lets you become a god.  You can find it on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam. There is tons of content and things to learn about within Skyforge as you delve into its intense history. Now is a great time to get involved as the Anniversary events can jumpstart new players into this amazing world.