Blizzard Reveals New Customization Options For World Of Warcraft In Shadowlands

Blizzard Reveals New Customization Options For World Of Warcraft In Shadowlands
Credit: GameSpot via YouTube

World of Warcraft‘s upcoming eighth expansion, Shadowlands, is adding a bunch of new cosmetic options! Blizzard has revealed some of the upcoming customization options that are being added in with the eighth expansion.

There’s still more and more reveals coming every day as we work towards the upcoming release of Shadowlands. These cosmetic additions were shared today, providing plenty of new ways to change up the appearance of your character.

As the tweet above shows, one of the many things being added is some tattoo options for Dwarves. It looks like male and female Dwarves are being given different tattoo patterns, such as males being given one that covers much of the torso, whereas the underwear that female models have would block part of this. These tattoos allow your Dwarf to have the same appearance as a Wildhammer Dwarf, the third major Dwarf clan that hasn’t been playable until now. While it seems that the Dwarf race will still primarily be Bronzebeard, these cosmetic appearances bring the Wildhammer dream closer to fruition.

Draenei are getting more skin and hair colors as well. Both genders are getting three new skin tones, and thirteen hair colors seem to be on offer. It’s assumed that the hair colors are applicable to both genders, though it’s only shown off on the female model so far.

Night Elves are also getting a similar addition. There will be three new skin tones and three new hair colors, as well as a few tattoo options that haven’t been available until now. Some of these tattoos have actual lore meeting, such as the symbol of Elune now being a customizable tattoo.

Blood Elves are getting four new skin tones and three new hair colors to use. Additionally, there’s a large variety of new eye colors coming, including the option to give your character heterochromia with two different eye colors.

Pandaren, the statistically least popular non-allied race, are also getting a handful of changes. They’ll be given new eye colors and skin tones alongside the rest.

Finally, Worgen will be given a handful of new fur patterns, as well as new eye colors, including a somewhat-unnerving option for black eyes. There will be six new fur colors added in with the new eyes and patterns.

There are more changes being announced every day as we head up to Shadowlands. Keep your eyes out to see what new changes are coming to your favorite race!