Silence Channel Is An Upcoming Horror Game That Has Just Released A New Demo

Silence Channel Is An Upcoming Horror Game That Has Just Released A New Demo
Credit: Steam XO

October tends to be the month of horror games and horror news. As the spookiest month of the year, there is a never-ending flow of creative horror adventures Silence Channel is one of those games that has been going under the radar for quite some time. This title is very reminiscent of several other titles, but it has its own brand of horror that is sure to frighten video game veterans.

Prior to the game’s release date next year, this title has decided to release a playable demo on Steam. This demo will give a sample of the horror experience to come, and a taste of Lexip Game’s world of darkness.

Put on the shoes of John Martin, a reporter who has decided to investigate ghost sightings in a strange and remote location. What should be a easy tasks quickly unfolds as the darknesses decides to take you for a spin.

Investigate a strange dark mansion and learn about tis mysterious past as you enter into the ground beyond. This title takes inspiration from point and click investigation games, but instead offers a 3D enviroment filled with areas to explore. Find clues, combine items, and solve puzzles while being hunted throughout the building.

The gameplay is similar to Lexip Game’s previous title Dark Room which has a mixed reception on Steam. This title is meant to build upon mistakes of the past and enter into a new territory of darkness and horror.

Something bad has happened in this mansion, and the beast who remains is waiting for someone to come close enough to find out. Take photos, and learn about the unexplainable as you explore a home known to be haunted.

Once inside players must find a way out of the building. This means pasing through strange and haunted enviroments. Hints and secrets can be found through letters and handwriting, but beware that the more you learn the less makes sense in this unique adventure.

The game mixes generated events, realistic graphics and intsense horror themes. Players should prepare to take on anything and everyone as they enter a unique puzzle filled game of darkness and hauntings.

This game does contain Gore, Violance, and Mature content. Be sure to that you are ready to confront such themes before entering this haunted title.

Silence Channel is planning to launch on February 18th, 2021. Till then, players can sample the game experience on Steam through a free demo.