Another Discovery Was Made In P.T. By Famous Modder, Revealing The Outside Of The Creepy Mansion

Another Discovery Was Made In P.T. By Famous Modder, Revealing The Outside Of The Creepy Mansion
Credit: Lance McDonald via YouTube

When you think of iconic survival-horror games, Silent Hill is one of the most popular. It was the game that really set the standard for atmospheric experiences, which can be attributed to the foggy environments. Gamers love them and they really give Silent Hill a unique identity.

A game in the series that also is dripping in atmosphere is P.T., otherwise known as Silent Hills. It was an amazing project from Hideo Kojima that ditched the third-person view for a more immersive first-person perspective. If you don’t already know, you pretty much go around a haunted mansion looking for clues to the dark horrors hidden within the walls.

As you move throughout the house, things change thanks to an endless loop design. Thus, there is always something to discover and new ways to get startled. Even though the game didn’t get made and the demo was actually removed from the PlayStation store, modders have come out in drones to keep the game alive.

There’s one modder in particular that has dedicated a lot of time to discovering secrets the developers didn’t originally plan to reveal. That modder is Lance McDonald. He’s done some pretty great things as of late, such as revealing the headless girl in the bathroom, and then most recently when he showed Norman Reedus as being the character you’re playing us.

His newest revelation is probably the most fantastic, though. He has somehow found a way outside of the mansion. That’s right. There are clips showing Lance walking around the streets of Silent Hill for quite a while. It appears the developers didn’t just want to keep you locked away in this mansion after all.

The streets and environments are beautifully detailed, all while maintaining a creepy vibe. It really shows how much potential P.T. had. It also shows how amazing Lance is at discovering the inner-workings of such a beloved project. He was apparently able to get outside by switching up codes. Originally, the game’s mansion was coded to link separate maps together. It’s why you are stuck in an endless loop. A couple of tweaks from Lance — though — and that loop was broken.

It’s a pretty incredible discovery when you really think about it. Just how big was this game supposed to be? We may never see the real game get made, but at least modders like Lance are doing their best to show the demo’s full potential.