Latest World Of Warcraft Patch Fixes Brings Back Sun Darter Hatchling Pet, Adjusts Class Balance

Latest World Of Warcraft Patch Fixes Brings Back Sun Darter Hatchling Pet, Adjusts Class Balance
Credit: MrGM via YouTube

World of Warcraft is in the middle of some massive changes right now with the transition period between two expansions. With World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth now over and World of Warcraft: Shadowlands having begun, everything is a bit tumultuous.

A massive bit of change is coming from the prepatch, which was implemented at the reset patch last Tuesday. This new patch brought a level squish, new leveling mechanics, and plenty more to the table for players.

But all these changes take some time to get right, and Blizzard has found themselves in a position where there are plenty of unintended consequences, with every last bit of the game having been affected by the prepatch changes.

One of these consequences, which was addressed in this batch of hotfixes, include issues with socket gems dropped from Burning Crusade bosses, which were giving a much higher stat bonus than intended. This patch brings those stats back in line with where Blizzard wants them.

The developers have also made it so that players can complete the puzzle needed to obtain the Sun Darter Hatchling battle pet. Before this fix, the puzzle was broken and unfinishable, making the pet unobtainable entirely.

Class-wise, there are plenty of changes as well! Most of these are decidedly minor, but it’s an important bit of tweaking to get everything back into shape.

Death Knights have had a change that only affects Unholy specs. The Soul Reaper talent now does a proper amount of Shadow damage with its explosion in regards to how it was scaling with mastery.

Druids have had their Starfall tweaked, with the alteration only affecting Balance druids. With this change, damage from Starfall with now properly break the stealth of enemies that were affected.

Mages have had their Vision of Perfection essence nerfed heavily, with the essence no longer proccing the Rune of Power talent. The frost spec has had their Water Elemental minion adjusted to learn Freeze at 23.

Warlocks have had their Unstable Affliction damage dealt reduced significantly. When dispelled, the damage dealt has been reduced by 35%, making it significantly less deadly in a PvP setting.

There are some quest fixes as well, making it so that players are properly able to begin Nazjatar questlines in the Battle for Azeroth content. In the world of PvP, players shouldn’t have problems with Gladiator mounts, and the Conquest limit has been increased.

And that’s everything in this latest batch of hotfixes! As we come closer and closer to the release of Shadowlands, one can only hope that things continue to be improved and fixed, as the prepatch knocked a good number of parts loose.