Aeon Drive Is A Speedrunning Action Platformer Experience That Has Just Released A Demo On Steam

Aeon Drive Is A Speedrunning Action Platformer Experience That Has Just Released A Demo On Steam
Credit: Steam XO

From indie developer and publisher, 2AweseomStudio is a brand new speedrunning experience. The free alpha demo has been made available on Steam for anyone interesting in trying to Aeon Drive prior to release. This demo is part of the Busan Indie Connect Festival, a global showcase being held digitally due to COVID.

This title enters players into a unique cyberpunk world with a high-skill curve action experience. This title was featured in the Steam Game Atumb Festival and Gamescom 2020 and has been circulated through some major organizations. This is a big game for a big world full of tight and fast action.

Enter into Aeon Drive, a speedrun action platformer that puts you in the Cyberpunk city of Barcelona. Play as Jackelyne, a girl who has a sword and teleportation dagger. Use her power to control time as she tries to receive faulty pieces of dimension-bending equipment in an effort to preserve the space-time continuum.

This is an adventure through time as you use a unique time-warping system to solve puzzles and bypass obstacles. Be warned though, once you run out of time-warping capsules there is nothing standing between you and the levels you are challenged to beat.

Take on obstacles, enemies, and falls as you race against a clock in a tech-driven city. all the landscapes and art is done in a beautiful pixel style that gives life to this strange and fast-paced world.

You must travel through lasers, spike,s saws, and more as you evade and dodge through more than 80 levels. Travel through every inch of Barcelona as you try to make it to the end of the line and recover the lost technology.

This game has a shooty style and mixes it with speedrunning and platformer mechanics. Players can compete against friends using the Discord integration and Steam leaderboards. See who can complete the challenging levels fastest in real-time.

This title also has a streaming mode allowing you to pair ti with your Twitch or other accounts. Share your exploits as you race through time and recover every broken piece of equipment.

This is a difficult game that should be taken with a grain of salt. Although it is enjoyable, it will require some extra skill and time to master.

Aeon Drive is set to release on Steam sometime this year. There is a free demo available for fans who want to try this game early.