Die by the Blade Is A Unique Sword Fighting Game That Only Takes One Hit To Kill

Die by the Blade Is A Unique Sword Fighting Game That Only Takes One Hit To Kill
Credit: Steam XO

From developers, Triple Hill Interactive, and Toko Midori comes a lethal combat experience that is now live on Kickstarter. Known as a one-hit-kill sword fighting game, Die by the Blade is an intense action experience that will show classic sword-fighting combat with a more realistic twist than most games have the luxury to enjoy.

This title hopes to engage fans with multiple pledge levels on their Kickstarter campaign. Although this title has been in development for a while, the developers hope that the Kickstart campaign can elevate this title beyond indie standards.

This title draws inspiration from legendary sword fighting games like Bushido Blade and Dark Souls. The idea is to present a one-on-one combat experience that emphasis parry and counters with a lethal punishment for any mistakes.

There is an AI built-in that will shadow and learn helping players overcome themselves as a challenge. Enjoy a unique title that presents a challenge not found in other sword fighting titles.

The single-player experience allows for several enemies to take you on. Slowly, learn to become the ultimate swordsman as you fight to the death in combat revolving around the counter, parry, and slash. Once you done thrashing the AI, try your luck online with other players who await to test their skill.

This game does not tie fighting style to any particular character but does emphasize weapon styles. Choose from a wide cast and customize their weapons to fit your needs.

This game includes several game modes including practice, tournament, and ranked mode. These game modes provide varying content with different expected levels of skill.

The art style of this unique title is a genre known as Samuraipunk. It is a mix between techpunk and Japanese aesthetics creating a unique blend that is sure to enchant any player in this strange world.

There are six weapons to choose from and each of them come with a unique fighting style. Players can choose any of the weapons but be warned, each one has a unique moveset and threshold. The only thing that stays consistent is that one hit is all it takes to kill an enemy player.

Die by the Blade is set to release in 2021 from publisher Grindstone. Prepare for some intense samurai action as you battle through unique stages and conquer all enemies who stand before you. Become the ultimate swordsman and leave your mark on this game’s unique world.