Open Pitt’s LavaPalooza Starts Today At 6 PM Eastern Time And Is Also Live-streaming The Event

Open Pitt’s LavaPalooza Starts Today At 6 PM Eastern Time And Is Also Live-streaming The Event
Credit: LavaPalooza

Minecraft has been used in a variety of different virtual events. Most of these events utilize Minecraft due to the versatility that the game offers. Minecraft’s popularity has soared during this pandemic reaching up to 132 million active monthly users from the standard 126 million monthly users.

These events have become so popular that Mojang Studios has confirmed that they will have its own broadcasted event, sadly we are still waiting on more information to be released. This was confirmed by a Mojang Studios Lead Developer, LadyAgnes, who tweeted out that more information will be coming out next month.

Open Pitt’s LavaPalooza starts today at 6 pm Eastern Standard time and continues until tomorrow, and There are two main ways to enjoy this event.

The first way to enjoy this event is to join the server with your Minecraft character. To do this, you’ll need the Java Edition of the Minecraft installed. Then you’ll need to go to the Multiplayer menu and click the add server and enter into the server address field.

If you are experiencing issues joining the server, then Open Pitt also has an alternate server address, which is This is shown in the Tweet, which was made by Open Pitt.

One interesting fact is that players will need to enable the server resource pack to enjoy the map and the event to the fullest. Then after joining the server, using the hashtag #LAVAPALOOZA, players should tweet out their experiences during the event!

This event has a large number of artists coming and performing, which has been listed on the LavaPalooza’s banner. The long list of artists means that if one type of music playing isn’t your style, then you can stick around and wait for a different artist to play with a different style.

If people want to experience this event, but currently don’t have a Minecraft account, Open Pitt will be streaming this event on Twitch, and the audio will also be available on the Open Pitts website of The audio and video stream will be available shortly before 6 pm to ensure that they are working.

This is a Minecraft benefit for the Okra Project, and the Okra Project is an organizer-led initiative with the goal of combatting food insecurity in the Black Trans community.