RPG Maker MV Release Date Announced For Nintendo Switch And PlayStation 4

RPG Maker MV Release Date Announced For Nintendo Switch And PlayStation 4
Credit: NIS America via YouTube

NIS America has announced its 2015 title RPG Maker MV will soon head to consoles later this year. The console ports come over five years after the Steam release.

RPG Maker MV previously launched in October 2015 on PC, Mac, and Linux via Steam. The publisher announced a console port in 2018, but the launch was delayed. While the game will come out later this year for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, but the Xbox One release is still delayed.

For years, players have used RPG Maker to create games simple enough to share with family and friends. The community of users has grown, and with it, several tutorials on how to create an impressive game.

With every new release of the series, more additions have been added. The RPG Maker website also has additional downloadable assets. The community also creates new content to assist others with their games. If a creator wanted, they could create an hours-long RPG using only content created by others.

RPG Maker allows players to create games with years of programming experience or none at all. Thanks to modern technology, creating video games is more accessible than ever to beginners. RPG Maker makes the process easier for everyone.

In RPG Maker MV, players can use a variety of tools to bring their original role-playing game ideas to life. The software contains several pre-made assets, so players only have to come up with a story or gameplay settings.

While the game does have a slight learning curve for beginners, there are several tutorials available to create a simple game. After the game is made, players can play it using their PC or deploy as a mobile game or HTML5 browser title.

RPG Maker MV added additional features compared to the previous game. They include advanced event systems to bring the world to life, more NPCs to chat with, interactive puzzles, and side quests. When in battle, players can switch from Front View Battle for classic gameplay or a Side View Battle system. This is toggled on easily with a checkbox and without learning any programming.

RPG Maker MV’s launch on consoles comes before the upcoming release of the new title in the series, RPG Maker MZ. The newest title will add even more content, along with new features. The developer is slowly releasing new information about the game ahead of its release on PC this Summer.

RPG Maker MV launches on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 on September 8.