Degica’s Game Creation Software RPG Maker MZ Announced For PC And Mac This Summer

Degica’s Game Creation Software RPG Maker MZ Announced For PC And Mac This Summer
Credit: RPG Maker MZ via Steam

Degica and Kadokawa Games have announced the next installment in the long-running RPG Maker series. RPG Maker MZ is the next installment of the game making software series that allows players to make their own titles.

RPG Maker MZ will introduce new features and bring back some fan favorites. The software intends to be the most advanced and powerful software for RPG Maker creators.

The RPG Maker series contains the basic tools to create RPGs. Making a game can be as easy as inputting the stats of heroes and villains, creating a few maps, and writing a story. The experience becomes more complex when players create unique characters, artwork, creatures, and a personal touch.

The game has assisted budding game makers for decades. The software contains several resources to help creators get started, from illustrations and pixels to create vast maps. Even more content created by the RPG Maker community is downloadable from Degica’s website.

RPG Maker doesn’t only allow players to create games but download and play games made from the community. These unique games allow players to try out something new.

The store page for RPG Maker MZ lists some of the upcoming features. The map editor lets players choose from various map titles to make a custom map with some enhancements. The character generator lets players build custom characters using either pre-made assets or importing custom work. These assets are also recolorable.

Several new assets will be included, from “face graphics, character sprites, to map chips, character generator components, music, and sound effects, and more.” Degica states that this is the largest collection included with the game than previous games.

The Database will come with additional enhancements and features, along with events. The Animations functions were completely revamped for even more stunning visual effects. Plug-ins, which is advanced code that changes almost anything in a game, has also been enhanced to improve player experience.

More information regarding all of the features is coming soon. Currently, Degica has placeholders for the new content, which will be slowly rolled out before the game launches.

The exact release date isn’t yet known, but the Steam page and official website page is available now. Players interested in knowing when the game launches can add it to their wishlist or follow the game on social media now.

RPG Maker MZ is planned to launch on PC and Mac this Summer.