RPG Maker MV Player Releases Six New Sample Games By Contest Winners

RPG Maker MV Player Releases Six New Sample Games By Contest Winners
Credit: RPG Maker Official Website

RPG Maker MV Player is the latest title in the long-running RPG Maker series. RPG Maker isn’t a game in itself but is a tool that non-programmers can use to design their own games.

The title includes several pre-made assets, but the growing community also contributes content.

Developed by Kadokawa and published by Degica, the game is available on Steam, PlayStation 4, and the Nintendo Switch.

Kadokawa recently released six games that were chosen among the RPG Maker community. These titles are now available as “sample games,” which players can enjoy to test out the product.

Six games can be played on PlayStation 4 or Nintendo Switch:
Azure Arsonist, by Terunon, is a gun-based action shooter without RPG combat. Gamers will fight to discover the hidden mysteries of the desolate town, Dunes.

Grand Sunset by Sintani Kazuho features RPG with a traditional “good versus evil” story with a twist. Long after the defeat of the Demon King at his castle, the location has become a popular tourist spot. An appurtenance, who also cares for his sickly grandmother, heads to the harbor to greet the tour guests.

In A Lottery of Destruction by Photoshop Professional, the player participates in a shady lottery only to awaken in a strange new world. The player will have to recover their missing memories and figure out how to return home.

Complete Perfect Game Momotaroando by Shitsudo Kei features a protagonist who intended on slaying a Demon King but was defeated. His powerful tools were scattered across the world, which turned animals into “Anima” or beasts.

New Lands Memoir by Doraku is a game where players control multiple armies to capture the dungeon. There are numerous secrets and traps on the map. With the help of many friends, the secrets begin to unravel.

The Liar’s Noblesse Oblige a story about a pair of siblings who were cursed with bad luck who go on an adventure to recover their lost items. They can travel the map, choose different dialogue, and enjoy multiple endings are depending on the player’s choices.

Kadokawa also announced a Beginners Course for those playing RPG Maker MV Player for the first time. The class is an 11 course with 135 pages of material with easy-to-understand content.