Kang “TheShy” Seung-lok Refutes Rumors Of His Departure From Invictus Gaming, Confirms He’s There To Stay

Kang “TheShy” Seung-lok Refutes Rumors Of His Departure From Invictus Gaming, Confirms He’s There To Stay
Credit: LoL Esports via YouTube

Korean professional League of Legends player Kang “TheShy” Seung-lok has officially denied all rumors of his departure from his current team, Invictus Gaming. He has confirmed, for a variety of reasons, that he will be staying with Invictus through at least the end of his current contract.

The top-lane main has been rumored to be joining multiple teams as the rumor mill swirled around as fast as possible, seeking to fabricate as many stories as possible. These rumors ran rampant on social media, especially Reddit and Twitter. Per Invictus’s statement, the rumors are now fully put to bed.

“The recent rumors surrounding TheShy on various online communities have all been maliciously fabricated. Currently, such rumors are affecting the players’ reputation in a negative way,” Invictus’s official announcement states. “Everyone knows how professional TheShy is, so we will be taking legal action to those that personally attack the player and spread rumors about him. All official news during the FA season will be coming from the team directly.”

It’s interesting to see Invictus threaten legal action against those spreading the rumors. When those spreading it are prolific figures or entire entities in the professional esports scene, sure, but do they intend to take the law over to every random making a Reddit post about TheShy? Maybe! It would certainly make for some interesting news if they do.

Either way, the rumors are fully set to bed. The reasons given are as follows:

First, TheShy is still under contract and is not willing to break that contract to transfer due to personal reasons, primarily loyalty to the team.

Second, TheShy joined Invictus Gaming due to his own affection for his fellow players and colleagues there. His appreciation of them was so much that he hasn’t asked for a higher salary in his two years with the team. No further reason for this is giving, so readers are left to assume that TheShy did this so that the team could have as much funding as possible, eschewing his own salary to do so.

TheShy is a relatively young but incredibly popular player, especially among the Korean leagues. His professional career has been highly successful, with him being a primary member of Invictus during their stellar last couple of years. He was on the roster for the recent win of Worlds 2018, as well as the LPL 2019 Spring Playoffs and the LPL 2019 Regional Finals.

To lose him would be a massive blow to Invictus, and it makes sense why the team is being so protective of him during these rumors. Thankfully, the rumor mill will no longer have fuel to go on for this subject – though they’re certain to find something else.