KT Rolster Handed DragonX Their First Loss In The League Champions Korea Summer Split

KT Rolster Handed DragonX Their First Loss In The League Champions Korea Summer Split
Credit: Image via Riot Games

KT Rolster upset the previously-undefeated DragonX today in an intense three-game series in the 2020 LCK Summer Split.

Top laner SoHwan and mid laner Ucal picked up the Player of the Game awards after their performances on Kennen and Twisted Fate, respectively. The League of Legends series also featured legendary top laner Smeb filling in for Tusin in the support role for KT.

The first game was the SoHwan show. His Kennen pick was crucial from the laning phase up to the moment where KT ended the game. He secured a lead in the top lane and didn’t allow DRX’s Doran to snowball too much on his Camille.

Even though objectives were traded by both teams and neither squad took the Dragon Soul, KT’s superior teamfight comp allowed them to get closer to the Dragon Soul point. Chovy tried to stop KT from finishing the game, but his damage wasn’t enough to dismantle them. Overall, KT looked great and methodical in the first game, opening the fourth week of LCK with a bang.

DRX looked much better in the second game, however. Even though they left Varus open, who’s been the most contested pick in all regions this split, they built a good composition to deal with him.

DRX’s superior objective control net them a huge lead. But some questionable plays by Chovy almost set them back. Chovy’s teammates maintained their composure and carried the game in the next teamfight, though.

The third game was an absolute bloodbath. KT did whatever they wanted and DRX couldn’t put a stop to them. They focused on the top side and crushed Doran’s spirit on Volibear. He became a liability as the game went by, not being able to splitpush, engage, or resist any damage during teamfights.

Following an ace around the mid lane, KT finished the game with a 19-4 kill advantage, stopping DRX’s undefeated streak to start the split.

While DragonX did get outplayed this series, they shouldn’t be too upset about it. This could act as a reality check and help DragonX come back stronger going forward and perhaps give them the edge they need to finally win a LCK Championship and perhaps even reach the World Championship.

KT Rolster on the other hand should be proud of themselves for this achievement and look into improving themself to not lose to mediocre teams if they are capable of beating top tier ones.