Razer’s Huntsman Elite Keyboard Gets An Upgrade With Faster Linear Switches For Competitive Gaming

Razer’s Huntsman Elite Keyboard Gets An Upgrade With Faster Linear Switches For Competitive Gaming
Credit: We Do Tech via YouTube

The Huntsman Elite keyboard is considered as one of the best gaming accessories in the market. But this does not stop Razer Inc., from making the manual even better. Now, you can get the Huntsman Elite with faster linear optical switches, making every click speedy and responsive.

The keyboard was introduced during the launching of the Hunstman Elite Tournament Edition. It is a TKL plank, meaning it does not have the numeric keypads you would commonly see in traditional keyboards. 

So, for every gamer who is conscious about the playability factor of their keyboards, the Huntsman Elite TE already comes in two variants. The purple optomechanical keys are the clicky ones while the red keyboard is equipped with the quicker linear switches.

Instead of using traditional metallic contacts, both Huntsman Elite TE model comes with optical switches to enable light actuation. This makes both keyboards more responsive because it sends the corresponding signals using light beams. 

Razer’s Huntsman Elite was initially designed with a clicky optical board and a measured actuation of 1.5mm per 45g of the activation point. It offers a lighter and quicker operation which is two times faster than conventional linear switches.

The new Razer model from the Huntsman series offers a better gaming experience for the growing esports crowd. Its tenkeyless feature is what makes it stand out, and the novel addition of its makeup provides an excellent performance.

With faster linear switches, the Huntsman Elite TE might probably be one of the coolest accessories in the company’s arsenal of keyboards. They are quite adept at typing works and gaming. 

The keys also have options for reprograming every key function and control media via its sensible Razer Synapse software. 

Additionally, RBG lighting can be reconfigured for more personalized use. For gamers who would like a compact keyboard on their desk, the Razer Huntsman Elite TE is worth having a look. 

Esports enthusiasts will love how the Huntsman TE looks and feels. It is exceptionally lightweight and responsive, offering a better gaming experience. On the other hand, the keyboard is also much more expensive than other keyboards having similar features.

The linear optical switch Huntsman Elite TE model is already available at the Razer website. It comes with a price tag of $199.99. The keyboard will also be available in Best Buy, both in-store and online starting October 7.