Details On Killing Floor 2: Grim Treatment Have Been Released Including New Weapons In The Halloween Update

Details On Killing Floor 2: Grim Treatment Have Been Released Including New Weapons In The Halloween Update
Credit: Tripwire Interactive

It is common for games to have a Halloween themed event every year, but Killing Floor 2 is bringing some extra spooky content around this time. New weapons, a new map, a new outfit, and new weapon skins will all be available in the game. To make things even sweeter this year a ton of quality of life improvements are being added as well.

The developers have worked hard to come up with something just as exciting as last year’s Monster Masquerade. This year they have chosen to go with an insane asylum theme as it compliments the never-ending horror found in the game itself.  So load your guns and strap in for some Grim Treatments on the Killing Floor.

A new flight of arsenal options have been released. The new Ion Thruster is a retractable blade of superheated metal made for the Berserker allowing you to sear the flesh of your foes. The weapons store kinetic energy as you attack, block, and parry, releasing a wave of burning energy when fully charged.

In addition, Rhino Revolvers for the Gunslinger have been added. These allow you to fire special ricochet fragmentation rounds that are great for crowd control. Bounce bullets off walls just to have them shatter and pierce all the foes in their wake. Both of these weapons are available for purchase during the launch of the update. They also come with their own five custom weapon skins packed to express your personal brand of pain.

There is also a new group of weapons coming from Horzine Labs under the Horzine Research Group label. These weapons are old favorites of the existing arsenal changed with different functionality and perk types. The HRG Buckshot Revolvers now fire .410 buckshot and have a little more kick to them.

The HRG Healthrower, pronounced “heal-thrower,” is for the Field Medic. It allows you to both kill crawlers and heals teammates at the same time with special medical-grade gas. The last weapons is the HRG Nailgun PDW which comes in two full-auto fire modes: high-frequency single round and slower three-round bursts. They come with bouncy rounds factory standard across all models.

In addition to the new guns is a new map called Ashwood Asylum. This is made in conjunction with the community mappers Motormouth and Rewire, bringing you a spooky space filled with the screams of the damned. You must travel within to find what became of the Roswell Investigators of the Paranormal.

Killing Floor 2 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It is sold for $29.99, and as always the Halloween update is free with the purchase of the game.