Sony Adds Four Heavy-Hitting AAA Games To The PlayStation Now Subscription Service; Including God Of War 4

Sony Adds Four Heavy-Hitting AAA Games To The PlayStation Now Subscription Service; Including God Of War 4
Credit: Santa Monica Studio via YouTube

More and more gaming companies are pushing subscription-based services. It’s like Netflix only for games and a lot of gamers love these platforms. They give them the chance to pay a low monthly rate and have access to a huge library of games. One of the most popular subscription platforms right now is PlayStation Now.

Subscribers can sign up for a monthly service, three months worth of service, or up to a full year. Each option has varying price points, which fortunately for PlayStation 4 users, have gone down thanks to Sony’s recent generosity. That’s not all. Just a couple of days ago, they put out four heavy-hitters on the platform. The list includes God of War 4, GTA V, Infamous Second Son, and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Each of these games offers subscribers something different.

God of War 4 is one of the best games to ever come out on the PlayStation 4. It follows Kratos and his son Loki in a world of Norse mythology. Many were initially hesitant about the new direction the developers at SIE Santa Monica Studio were taking with its overall design and mythology switch, but everything ended up working out perfectly. The game has more of an open-world design with amazing enemies and Gods to take out.

GTA V is one of the best video games in history. Its open sandbox design doesn’t leave much to be desired. You can pretty much do anything in this game, from robbing banks to starting gangs and taking over the world. The trio of characters you get to play as also brought the franchise to new heights.

Infamous Second Son is the third installment in a fun series, and it improves upon the previous two games in all of the best ways. Like God of War 4, it has an open-world design that immerses you from the very start. There is also plenty of parkour action and great combat to look forward to.

Finally, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is a great sendoff for one of video game’s most iconic characters, Nathan Drake. Like the previous games, there are plenty of mysteries to discover and secrets to expose. The competitive multiplayer is a surprising aspect of this game that introduces new gameplay elements.

All four of these titles are absolute titans in their own right. It’s great to see Sony give PlayStation Now subscribers such great hits. More will surely be on the way.