Quantic Dream — The Developers Behind Detroit: Become Human — Want To Offer Games On Multiple Platforms

Quantic Dream — The Developers Behind Detroit: Become Human — Want To Offer Games On Multiple Platforms
Credit: IGN via YouTube

One of the more popular developing studios right now in the gaming industry is Quantic Dream. They’re known for their immersive story-driven games — where you make choices that ultimately affect the way the rest of the game plays out.

You might remember some of these games: Detroit: Become Human, Beyond: Two Souls, and Heavy Rain. All of these games share similar elements, and that is heavy dialogue and impactful decisions. You’re locked in as if you’re watching a movie play out in front of your eyes.

Sure, you don’t spend a lot of time mastering intricate controls or having a lot of freedom — but still, there’s just something so special about Quantic Dream’s titles. They certainly have their own unique personality.

Unfortunately, those who don’t own a PlayStation 4 can’t access these great games. That is about to change, however. According to the founder of Quantic Dream — David Cage — the studio has plans of making these games on multiple platforms from here on out. Cage wants to reach as many gamers as he can. This is a great idea in theory.

Everyone deserves to experience the unique flavor and pace that these games offer. Sure, being exclusive to one system comes with its perks. It can make a game stand out right away. Still, there’s something special about enabling everyone to enjoy a developer’s hard work and passion.

It seems like this all-platform inclusion is in effect as of now, unless an exclusive deal appears on a title-by-title basis. If you’ve never had the chance to experience the amazing work from Quantic Dream, you have a lot great gaming content to look forward to.

What’s even more exciting is these games coming to next-gen consoles, such as the PS5 and Microsoft’s Project Scarlett. These systems will have much better processing power and graphics, no doubt. This gives Quantic Dream even more opportunities to create compelling games with draw-dropping graphics.

All of their games thus far have certainly shined in the visual department. Who knows what they’ll be capable of with next-gen consoles. It’s all so exciting. Most importantly, every gamer now will be able to experience these unique games.

Detroit: Become Human was one of the best games when it debuted in 2018. Beyond: Two Souls is criminally underrated as well. It would be amazing to see these games get re-released on other platforms until Quantic Dream has the chance to develop more amazing games in this space.