Quantic Dream Brings Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, And Detroit: Become Human To Steam

Quantic Dream Brings Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, And Detroit: Become Human To Steam
Credit: Detroit Become Human via Epic Store

Quantic Dream has been behind some of the more notable games in storytelling in recent times, and their games just got a bit more accessible. The independent developers took to Twitter to announce that they would be having three of their most famous titles release on Steam next month.

On Twitter, Quantic Dream announced that Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and Detroit: Become Human would all be added to Steam. These titles are expected to become available on June 18th, a bit less than a month from today.

These three titles represent an incredibly powerful selection in storytelling, with each title being an extremely notable installment. Adding them to Steam will allow countless players that haven’t had the chance to experience them yet finally take a trip through.

Additionally, Quantic Dream is releasing free demos for each of the three titles! Those interested can follow the tweet embedded below to download the free demos that Quantic Dream is providing, if you can’t bring yourself to wait until June 18th.

Heavy Rain provides players with an incredibly gripping psychological thriller that places them on the trail of the Origami Killer. Players follow four different characters through their own journeys as they desperately try to stop the serial killer from claiming another victim.

Beyond: Two Souls provides another psychological thriller experience, bringing in famous names like Ellen Page and William Defoe. Players experience the life of Jodie Holmes as they travel through this story-rich and highly-acclaimed experience.

Finally, Detroit: Become Human gives players a powerfully posthuman experience that puts them in the position to shape the future for both humanity and machines. This story-driven title allows players choices that will shape every inch of the story, pushing the science-fiction adventure to incredible levels.

Each of these titles is remarkably notable and have helped shape the story-driven genre of adventure games that many other titles now share. With a seemingly endless flow of positive reviews and awards piled onto the trio of titles, it’s a great time to get into the story-driven genre.

Additionally, the demos that Quantic Dream is providing can be found on Steam as well, if you would prefer to download them through your client. Simply search the title to find the placeholder page for its upcoming release, as well as the demo itself.

It won’t be long until this powerful trio of titles is available on the Steam client. If you’ve been waiting for your chance to play these story-driven juggernauts, you’ll have your chance soon enough!