Beyond: Two Souls Has Been Added To The Steam Database After Almost A Year On Epic Game Store

Beyond: Two Souls Has Been Added To The Steam Database After Almost A Year On Epic Game Store
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

Implications and rumors are the backbones of the gaming industry in the modern era as developers attempt to bide their time before announcing things, for whatever rhyme or reason they may have in their back pocket. It’s why Terraria Journey’s End wasn’t announced until someone applied enough pressure from a 4Chan leak, and it’s likely the heart of the story today.

Beyond: Two Souls has shown up today in the Steam database as a restricted title, meaning it’s all supposed to be on the hush-hush. Thanks to SteamDB, however, we all know the assets have been uploaded onto Steam for some future announcement regarding the psychological drama that starred Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe.

This comes a little before the one year anniversary of Beyond: Two Souls being available for purchase on the Epic Game Store, which is bringing with it a slew of implications.

Beyond: Two Souls released on the Epic Game Store on July 22, 2019; in roughly two months, it will reach its one-year anniversary on the storefront.

It being prepared for a Steam release means that, as it appears today, there’s a one-year exclusivity agreement for these titles that have been rumored to arrive on Steam in 2020. Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human have been included in rumors of a Steam platform release.

If the logic holds true, that means we can expect Detroit: Become Human to arrive on the Steam platform around the 2020 holiday, presuming that they’ve all operated under the same contract of a full year of exclusivity.

If both Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls become available to play on the Steam platform by August 1, 2020, it’s safe to presume that Detroit: Become Human will arrive mid-December.

It’s worth noting, however, that Heavy Rain has not yet been mined inside of Steam databases; it could still be hidden, or we may have missed the mark entirely.

Beyond: Two Souls was a fantastic narrative that combined psychological drama with an impeccable performance from both Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe, yet Ellen Page’s inclusion into the title made headlines when the title released on PlayStation due to a shower scene, and the ability to unlock a character, which allowed users to see the actress nude. Somehow, it did not generate the controversy of the Hot Coffee mod of GTA San Andreas, although Ellen Page publically explored her legal options.

The actress was not nude during the motion-capture of the scene; instead, artists detailed the nudity of the character to bring weight to the actions, yet never intended for the nudity to be viewable until users entered a debugging mode on the PlayStation 3. Beyond this hiccup that likely frustrated Ellen Page, however, the game was an extraordinary view into mental health and dynamic psychic powers; it is a title that deserves to be spread far and wide.