All The Nerf’s In Riot’s Latest League Of Legends Patch, As Well As Changes To The Upcoming URF Game Mode

All The Nerf’s In Riot’s Latest League Of Legends Patch, As Well As Changes To The Upcoming URF Game Mode
Credit: Riot Games via YouTube

Riot Games is adding another massive content patch to their dominant MOBA, League of Legends. This newest patch comes with balance adjustments to fourteen different champions, as well as changes to the upcoming game mode, URF.

URF, or Ultra Rapid Fire, is a special game mode that appears every now and then fueled by hectic insanity. The game mode allows players to have their cooldowns drastically reduced, creating a chaotic mess of combat at every possible turn.

URF will be reappearing soon this May 14th, only two days from now as of writing this! Riot has learned from previous iterations of the game mode and are allowing some changes to continue through.

“URF returns in 10.10 on May 14! The experiment with pick-URF last year went well, with healthier engagement with the mode and with Summoner’s Rift afterward,” Riot writes. “We believe a part of that success can be attributed to the continuous mode-specific balance changes, so you’ll see more adjustments below to help keep games nice and snappy.”

The changes to URF’s balance are all decidedly minor, but are incredibly numerous, with twenty-four buffs and thirty-one nerfs. You can see the whole list about halfway down the patch notes embedded above.

Riot’s seven nerfs coming to the standard game modes, however, aren’t quite as numerous. The developers are making changes to Diana, Katarina, Kayn, Kled, Miss Fortune, Maokai, and Taric. These changes are as follows:

Diana will be at a bit more risk with her all-in gameplay. The champion has had her base health and base attack damage reduced, though by incredibly small amounts.

Katarina has had her the ability power scaling of her passive, Voracity, reduced. These reductions, again, are quite small, going from .55/.7/.85/1 to .55/.66/.77/.88 instead.

Kayn is getting a bit of a blow to his defensive capabilities. His survivability has been knocked down a peg, with his passive now healing 30-40% of damage dealt rather than 34.5-43%.

Kled will be riding into battle with a bit less of a trigger finger. The cooldown of his Q, Beartrap on a Rope, has been decreased in earlier ranks to make his early game aggression a bit lower.

Miss Fortune is going to be strutting a bit slower as well, with her W’s movement speed decreased. Strut has had its movement bonus decreased by 10 at all ranks.

Maokai has had a blow struck to his mana pool, with his base mana reduced – granted, only by 2.28 mana. This nerf is joined, though, by increasing the cost of his Q from 50 to 60 mana.

Taric is our final change, and is also going to be getting a blow dealt to his defensive abilities. His base health growth has been reduced from 90 to 85, while the bonus armor granted by his W has been decreased considerably.

And those are all the nerfs coming in Patch 10.10! If your champion is on this list, do your best to compensate for the changes so you don’t accidentally end up over your head. And don’t forget to be ready for some Ultra Rapid Fire chaos on May 14th!