Destiny 2 Weekly Reset For May 12th Brings Back Iron Banner And Warden Of Nothing Nightfall

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset For May 12th Brings Back Iron Banner And Warden Of Nothing Nightfall
Credit: Bungie via Youtube

For players of Destiny 2, each week brings new challenges and different powerful gear rewards to strive for. On Tuesdays, certain events and world states are rotated including bosses and the weekly curse for the Dreaming City.

This week has the Warden of Nothing available for the Nightfall Ordeal activity. This means players can try and grab the Warden’s Law exclusive handcannon drop, or just farm the event for an increased chance at exotic engrams.

The legacy Nightfalls are still available as well, and this week includes The Scarlet Keep, The Arms Dealer, and Strange Terrain. The return of the Scarlet Keep is an interesting one in particular, as it was recently introduced in the Shadowkeep DLC.

On the Moon for this week, guardians can face down against the Nightmare of Xortal, Sworn of Crota located in Sorrow’s Harbor. Additionally, players can partake in three different Nightmare Hunts: Insanity, Anguish, and Despair. For those trying to hunt down the Trove Guardian, he can be located in Archer’s Line.

Over at the Dreaming City, the land is currently experiencing a Weak Curse cycle. Petra can be located at the Strand, and currently offers the Broken Courier weekly mission.

The Ascendant Challenge for this rotation is the Agonarch Abyss located in the Bay of Drowned Wishes. If anyone is still needing the Blind Well rewards, the two Plagues Sikariis & Varkuuriis must be vanquished first.

If any of you are missing the Escalation Protocol Shotgun still, this is a good time to farm. The boss Nur Abath, Crest of Xol has the chance to drop the coveted weapon. Speaking of farming, those wanting to farm out Reckoning will have to contend with The Swords boss.

The flashpoint on the week is located on Nessus, so be sure to head that way and help out Failsafe in defending the planet. Additionally, the Menageries boss is Arunak, Hive Ogre, for those wishing to impress Calus.

Crucible enthusiasts rejoice this week, as Iron Banner is back. Lord Saladin offers exclusive thematic armor and weapons for those brave enough to face the PvP equivalent of open warfare. For those that aren’t a fan, you can still enjoy the Momentum Control and Countdown playlists until the next reset.

As we eagerly await the next season of Destiny 2, there are still plenty of the usual activities to partake in for the meantime. Be sure to check back again next Tuesday for all the information on the next reset