Destiny 2 Weekly Reset For May 5th, 2020 Through Until May 11th Hosts The Last Week Of The Guardian Games

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset For May 5th, 2020 Through Until May 11th Hosts The Last Week Of The Guardian Games
Credit: Bungie via Youtube

As the Guardian Games event for Destiny 2 comes to a close this week, players will surely be grinding out those medals in order to ensure their team stays on top. While this is going on, be sure to remember the other available weekly activities in order to make the most out of your Destiny experience.

The Nightfall (The Ordeal) for this week is The Arms Dealer. This is a fun one that has players face down against the feisty Cabal Legionary Bracus Zahn. Triumphing against the boss has a chance of earning both increased exotic engram drops, and the Tilt Fuse exclusive exotic sparrow.

Additionally, players can take part in three different legacy Nightfall strikes, including Exodus Crash, the Insight Terminus, and The Hollowed Lair. Each one comes with its own unique reward. There are a good variety of enemy types and exclusive rewards for this week’s lineup, so be sure to play through them all if you’re interested.

As for overworld activities, the flashpoint this week is unfortunately Mercury. Since the map is so small, public events spawn in less frequency than other world spaces, so it’s recommended to use that downtime fighting through Lost Sectors and Heroic Adventures. You could also head over to the Moon and take down the wandering nightmare Fallen Council found in Archer’s Line.

The Menagerie Boss this week is named Hasapiko, Vex Minotaur. Taking him down will surely impress everyone’s favorite Cabal Emperor. While we’re talking bosses, the Likeness of Oryx is also ready to face down for the rest of the week in Reckoning, and Bok Litur, Hunger of Xol serves as the Escalation Protocol boss.

Over at the Dreaming City, Petra has her hands full with a Strong Curse cycle. You can find the intrepid awoken at Rheasilvia, and help her out by completing the weekly mission the Dark Monastery. Additionally, the Keep of Honed Edges Ascendant challenge is open over at Harbinger’s Seclude. Guardians can also face down against the Plague Inomina by completing Blind Well runs.

Last but not least, PvP fans should be rather happy with the rotational Crucible playlists for the week. Featured until the 11th will be Mayhem and Showdown. Playing Mayhem always ensures a frenzy of guardian killing action, but it comes at an especially fortuitous time this week. Since it is the last week of the Guardian Games, this playlist is perfect for grinding out last-minute medals and Triumphs.

That about wraps up the list of available activities for this week. Hopefully, everyone has completed the majority of goals for the Guardian Games. While we hate to see them go, it will be back to business as usual for our guardian pals next reset.