Halo 2: Anniversary Officially Releases On Steam Next Week (May 12)

Halo 2: Anniversary Officially Releases On Steam Next Week (May 12)
Credit: Xbox via YouTube

When you think of titles that have had a tremendous impact on the gaming industry as a whole, Halo 2 is usually at the top of the list as far as first-person shooters go. At the time of releasing in 2004, it was considered to have one of the best multiplayer experiences ever. Back in the day, you would gather around with friends enjoying epic LAN parties. They were always filled with tense, memorable battles. Competing against another team and earning a long sequence of kills without dying never got old.

It was only right that the game would get remastered for the PC. Thankfully, PC gamers don’t have to wait that much longer. Halo 2: Anniversary is set to release on Steam next week (May 12). That’s right around the corner and perfect if you’ve always been a fan of the second installment and wanted a definitive experience on PC.

This game has been available on the Xbox One, featuring bettering graphics and cinematics, since 2014. It was only a matter of time before it was ported over to the PC. Best of all, Halo 2: Anniversary will perform even better on the PC. 4K resolutions will be supported, which is great if you want a sublime Halo experience that hasn’t been possible for such a classic title up until this point. The edition also will support ultrawide displays.

All in all, it seems like a great package for the Halo fan that plays on PC. Aside from the better visuals and performance, this remastered version has a lot to offer. You’ll get to go back through the campaign and enjoy 15 action-packed missions. It’s definitely a great time rediscovering why so many fans fell in love with the Halo series those many years ago. This game was revolutionary at the time too in that it enabled you to play as both Master Chief and a Covenant Elite.

However, it’s the multiplayer that will be bringing a lot of PC gamers to this title. It features so many iconic maps and epic modes that you just have to enjoy again if you’ve been a die-hard fan since the beginning. The maps have all been remastered and there’s even an updated progression system. It’s not often when you have the chance to re-live some epic gaming memories, so when the moment comes around, you have to jump at the opportunity. So much fun is on the horizon starting next week for Halo die-hards.