Arrest of a Stone Buddha Is Preparing For A Nintendo Switch Release Date Later This Month

Arrest of a Stone Buddha Is Preparing For A Nintendo Switch Release Date Later This Month
Credit: yeonoblues via Youtube

Arrest of a stone Buddha is a unique blend of storytelling and action sequences. Enjoy a sequel directly following The friends of Ringo Ishikawa and explore yet another adventure from yeo. This pixel experience was originally released on Steam, but now it is headed for a whole new community that is sure to love this well-crafted title.

This game is a unique blend of life-simulator and beat ’em up mechanics wrapped in an RPG shell. As a rather unknown title, the game is an indie project developed by yeo that includes its unique blend of animation and storytelling. Explore the city and destroy your enemies with a hail of bullets.

The game takes place in 1970, France, where a Hitman is on the search for answers. Play as a professional killer and experience his life from the non-stop shooting to the mundane features. The game includes a full pixel world to explore, at least in the limits of France.

Your apartment is located in the historical center of the city, allowing you access to the world around you. Players can experience local cafes, explore the museum, visit the cinema, or look for entertainment around the city. When in need of love, simply turn to your lover, who is always ready to meet your needs.

Fight in fast-paced battles will take reflex over smarts to overcome. You will always kill with one shot, and you never miss, but if you run out of ammo, you must instead disarm an enemy and acquire a new one. Fight rapid battles, and when it is time to find an escape, there is always a nearby vehicle available for use.

Find the answer to a question as you take on missions and explore France. Be warned that this game does include sedative abuse, alcohol abuse, smoking, graphic violence, depressive mood, and some residential questions. This game should only be purchased by adult users due to its content.

Still, the game is looking towards a bright future on the Nintendo Switch. After being on Steam for over a month, fans are sure to love having this game on a portable platform. Explore the pixel world, and become immersed in a fascinating story of investigation, depression, and loss.

Arrest of a Stone Buddha will be available for Nintendo Switch on May 21. To purchase this game early, simply look to Steam, where it is already available for $14.99. Enjoy an indie game full of mystery and violence on a platform of your choice.