PUBG Has A New Patch Out Now, Which Introduces Dirt Bikes Among Other Things

PUBG Has A New Patch Out Now, Which Introduces Dirt Bikes Among Other Things

One of the more consistent top performers in the battle royale space has been PUBG. It was one of the first of its kind and has since gone on to develop in a lot of meaningful ways, from new weapons, maps, and stability improvements.

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If you’ve been a consistent player, you now have a new patch to enjoy. With it comes a lot of goodies. One of the most requested for some time now is the ability to shoot firearms while driving a vehicle. This shooting design hasn’t been present up until this point, but now players can tackle a new frontier of shooting on the go.

On paper, it should present a lot of new strategies for players trying to survive the bevvy of attacks that come their way. Vehicles have always been an important way of getting around in PUBG, but it’s great to see that players can use them in a more offensive way now.

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Speaking of vehicles, this latest patch adds another one into the mix and this time it’s a dirt bike. That gives rise to new and exciting travel opportunities. The bike is speedy and can perform incredibly evasive maneuvers with precision.

Players could certainly benefit from it when they decide to take their attacks on the more rugged terrains. The only real downside is it can only support one person, but if you like taking a lone wolf approach, that shouldn’t be much of an issue.

Then you have the Bride Battle Pass, which essentially is a system where players can try to unlock outfits for the character named Sadiya. It seems like an ideal feature to check out if you’ve been intrigued by the hero from Karakin’s lore. It’s worth mentioning that the pass system will be independent of the Survivor Pass.

There are other improvements to gameplay, which you can read more about by visiting PUBG’s official website. Overall, it seems like a good mix of new content and features — especially from a vehicle standpoint. Now players have new ways to take on foes and dominate the charts with bullets flying out of the side of vehicles.

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Even in 2020, PUBG is a battle royale that continues to deliver. Who knows what else the developer has up its sleeve? One thing is for sure. They know how to build off an already impressive foundation and continually deliver meaningful updates for fans still passionate about this title.