Project Zomboid Offers A Sneak Peak At What’s Coming Soon In The Early Access Title

Project Zomboid Offers A Sneak Peak At What’s Coming Soon In The Early Access Title
Credit: Indie Stone via YouTube

Project Zomboid is an inherently indie title, through and through.  Both developed and published by The Indie Stone, it’s been in Steam’s Early Access program longer than many games have been in the market place.  It may be one of the oldest titles still in Early Access on the platform that hasn’t been outright abandoned by the developers in charge.

Slow, plodding progress seems to be the staple of Project Zomboid, shuffling ever-closer to a full release that always seems just out of reach.  Their Steam News is similarly slow and ambling, although following their guide to their website can bring weekly updates letting fans know that the game is in progress.  To give a better idea of build times, the game is currently on Build 40, and has been since October 30, 2018.  Build 41 is currently in beta testing, and not yet live; it’s been in beta testing since October 16.

It’s frankly a bit of cause for concern, where news slowly trickling down the pipe to ravenous fans begins to smell like yet another game destined to die in Early Access on Steam.  Even stranger is that its current rating is outstanding, with 88% of 18,890 reviews recommending others to pick the title up.

The quintessential PC game savior appears to have once again salvaged a rough title; mods have surrounded the game, helping bolster its playability while it waits in Early Access.  With over a thousand mods on the Steam Workshop, and a whopping thirty on NexusMods, the community is bringing depth and mechanics faster than the actual development team can keep up.  Perhaps Take-Two will take notice of this mind-blowing reveal.

Depressing humor aside, The Indie Stone hinted at something that’s due to come later, beyond Build 41; wild animals for hunting.  At least, that’s what the community have deduced from a rather quizzical gif that has been posted at the tail end of their Build 41 Beta announcement, featuring a lone deer standing in a driveway.

In a game that prepares players to ultimately die, regardless of how long they can live, it’s a nice touch to add other things that have yet to experience the slow plague-infected death that allows survivors to hunt.

Granted, it’s plausible that The Indie Stone are hinting something entirely different than what the community has yet to discern; animatronic bait?  Lawn ornaments for your fortress?

Regardless, if the current releases offer an accurate timeline for us to base when Build 42 will be announced, we can expect it sometime in 2023.  Maybe 2022 if they really buckle down.