PlayStation 5 Gamers Annoyed To Find The Sony Branding On The Controller Is Misaligned

PlayStation 5 Gamers Annoyed To Find The Sony Branding On The Controller Is Misaligned
Credit: PlayStation via Twitter

After a long wait, the PlayStation 5 has finally released. According to the sparse handful of people that have actually managed to get their hands on one, it’s living up to the hype quite well!

In most respects,it is, at least. The most keen-eyed players have begun to notice a small detail that’s infuriating some, and though many are taking it as a joke, some are annoyed to find such a small mistake on such a big release.

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Simply said, the branding on the new controller is out of line with where it’s meant to be. Rather than the SONY logo sitting in the center on the bottom of the controller, the words are just a bit out of line with the port in the center.

Obviously, this isn’t going to affect gameplay in any way, shape, or form, unless a player is just so unbelievably incensed by the word being out of line that they can’t pay attention to whatever game they’re supposed to be playing.

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Yet still, with the way players are responding, you would think the misaligned word was causing a severe drop in playability for the title. Granted, much of it is being taken in stride, but the players that are upset are quite ready to battle over the issue.

It’s also likely a symptom of the controller being a new product that didn’t have every last kink worked out. Sony may have been more focused on making sure they had enough stock rather than making sure that the design on each was flawless.

Because of this, players will likely see the issue fixed in later releases of the line. It’s unlikely that Sony will let their branding on the controller continue to be printed as a mistake, given that it’s quite literally their name on the line.

The difference also seems to vary between controllers. Much of the situation was started by Ted Timmins on Twitter, Game Design Director for Far Cry 6 in the below tweet.

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While Timmins seems to inject some humor into the minor difference, others are saying that the logo is misaligned by significantly more on their controllers. Some have even stated that the logo is practically diagonal on theirs, in extreme cases.

Either way, this is far from the sort of thing that’s going to turn anyone away from purchasing a PlayStation 5 at this point. The console is still amazing, the controller still effective, and the memes continuing to flow at the latest strange development in the tech world of 2020.