Planet Zoo Is Getting An Aquatic DLC Pack On December 8th

Planet Zoo Is Getting An Aquatic DLC Pack On December 8th
Credit: Planet Zoo via YouTube

Since releasing in 2019, Planet Zoo — the construction and management game — has received a good deal of DLC. These updates have given players plenty of new animals to look forward to and themed content to hold them over until more DLC releases.

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The next one is about to be introduced in the game (December 8th) and is of the aquatic variety. The highlight of this DLC is of course the new animals. Looking at the developer’s patch notes, it looks like we have a good selection that includes King Penguins, Giant Otters, and Grey Seals.

Each one of these creatures loves the water so you’ll want to build their habitats accordingly. The developer is giving you plenty of new resources to design however you so please. You even have the ability to design a below-deck observation area where guests of your zoo can see these aquatic creatures swim below surface.

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There will also be plenty of tropical trees to play around with, as well as entertainment items that are geared towards enrichment. Since these animals are kept in confined spaces, they need as much stimulation as possible to really thrive. Keeping them in a simulated habitat while being happy is key in their long-term health.

Finally, there is will be a new challenge for players to master in Oregon. It involves sprucing up a zoo around a dried-up riverbed. That gives you the perfect opportunity to put the skills you’ve learned in Planet Zoo to the test. How will you get the ecosystem to kick back in the right gear? Will your efforts be enough to save this once beautiful zoo?

You can experience all of this and more next week as the Aquatic Pack goes live in Planet Zoo. Overall, the community has enjoyed what the developer has done with this game. They’ve continued to add new animals, resources, and environments for players to mess around with.

If you’ve ever wanted to run your own zoo and make decisions that count on a day to day basis, then Planet Zoo is the simulator for you. This upcoming DLC is probably just one of many more planned for the next couple of years.

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There are always new animals to interact with in this simulator. Whether it’s lions or pandas, it’s rewarding to see them thrive based on what you do. These experiences stay with you well after you get done playing, making you more appreciative of nature as a whole.