The Zoo Simulator Planet Zoo Just Received Its South America DLC Expansion

The Zoo Simulator Planet Zoo Just Received Its South America DLC Expansion
Credit: BestInSlot via YouTube

We’ve probably all dreamed about owning our own zoo at some point. Although this dream probably won’t become a reality for most, that doesn’t mean you can’t see what it’s like to own a zoo in real life. Planet Zoo lets you do just that and it does so well at simulating various aspects of zoos today.

It has now been out for a year and so far, everyone seems to be loving what Frontier Developments was able to achieve. Whether you want to feed some lions or manage ticket prices, Planet Zoo is your one-stop shop for all things animal-related.

And now, the South America DLC expansion is available. It’s introducing a lot of South America-themed content and animals. Since animals are the primary focus of this game, let’s get into the new additions first. The list includes jaguars, llamas, red-eyed tree frogs, and capuchin monkeys. Talk about a varied and incredible list.

You can bet zoo owners will be chomping at the bit to get jaguars into their natural-themed habits. They’re one of the most beloved and popular big cat species and are a great addition to the long-list of spectacular animals already in Planet Zoo. It’s also great seeing some reptile love too with the red-eyed tree frogs. They’re known for their vibrant red eyes and green skin. Luckily, they aren’t venomous so you can handle them with confidence.

That’s not all. The South America DLC also includes Aztec and jungle-inspired pieces for you to use when decorating your habitats. You can let your creative juices flow as you try to give these exotic animals dream habitats like they would get out in the wild.

Decorating your park is a huge aspect of Planet Zoo. There are so many pieces you have access to, and this latest addition just gives you even more opportunities to get creative. How you design the habitats is completely up to you. It’s always fun seeing what the community is capable of. Players share their exhibits through social media and just show the true potential of this game.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of taking Planet Zoo out for a spin, now may be a great time. There are so many beautiful animals to care for and financial aspects to manage. You truly feel in control of everything, with your decisions affecting animal care and the financial health of the zoo. Best of all, Planet Zoo is continuing to receive DLC for even more incredible animal experiences.