Nintendo Of America Shares New Pokemon From Sword And Shield On Twitter, Including A Giant Cake Pokemon

Nintendo Of America Shares New Pokemon From Sword And Shield On Twitter, Including A Giant Cake Pokemon
Credit: Nintendo Via YouTube

Pokemon Sword and Shield have already faced some backlash from fans, but people are still as excited as ever for the new games. As with every new title in the Pokemon series, new games bring new Pokemon, and Nintendo has shared some on their Twitter page.

Nintendo has a history of rehashing old ideas in their Pokemon games. Many of the pocket-monsters transition from game to game, generation to generation, their face and name changing, but everything else is very similar. Think Rattata, Sentret, Zigzagoon, there are more, but these are all low-level rodent Pokemon you catch early.

With that in mind, back to the creatures revealed on Nintendo’s Twitter. Year after year, Pokemon get stranger and stranger. The first Pokemon which catches your eye is formed entirely of whipped-cream, Alcremie. Does anyone remember Vanillite? The ice-cream Pokemon?

Oh, but it gets better. Gigantamax Alcremie turns that whipped-cream into a giant cake. Thick cream pours from its body and protects it from foe’s attacks. One statement repeats itself again and again in the comment section: “The ideas have finally run out.”

However, you only have to look at the first generation to see that Game Freak has always taken a light-hearted approach to the design of their Pokemon. Voltorb and Electrode are the same Pokemon, which are just two Pokeballs with eyes and the colors flipped around.

Alongside Alcremie and Gigantamax Alcremie, Nintendo also showed off some more regular-looking Pokemon. Like those low-level rodents, there are also a lot of cute dogs in the series. Yamper is Pokemon Sword and Shield’s addition.

Yamper is cute, for sure, though he looks a lot like a crossover between Pikachu and Eevee. It apparently loves to play fetch – go figure – and will retrieve thrown Pokeballs if they miss the target. It’s the first ability of this kind in the Pokemon universe.

The next Pokemon on Nintendo’s Twitter is Duraludon. This Steel/Dragon-type Pokemon looks a lot like Gigalith. Other fans point out its accidental resemblance of a Bic lighter: maybe those ideas are running out after all.

Nintendo also released some details about upcoming gym leaders and lore from the Galar region. Each game, Sword and Shield, will have version-exclusive leaders. This is a series first and an even better reason to pick up both games.