Athletic Brand Mizuno Announces Collaboration With Pokémon For Clothing And Accessories

Athletic Brand Mizuno Announces Collaboration With Pokémon For Clothing And Accessories
Credit: Mizuno Website

The athletic fashion brand Mizuno has announced a collaboration with Pokémon. The official Pokémon Center shop will release several Pokémon-themed goods in mid-August in Japan. Along with the announcement were detailed preview images of some of the items coming soon.

There were 25 types of products part of the collaboration: athletic wear, t-shirts, and bags. The sizes range from unisex to all-ages items that Pokémon of every age group can enjoy.

Each item has the Mizuno brand’s logo along with a yellow silhouette of Pikachu. One of the benefits for such a simple design is that the products are stylish, yet promote a player’s favorite games. Some gamers enjoy the hobby but don’t want to wear some of the more bright clothing designs some companies produce. The low-key designs will be perfect for those who want to share their love of the game in a more subtle way.

The items are ideal for non-athletes as well. They will be available at Mizuno stores in Tokyo and Osaka, along with Pokémon Centers throughout Japan.

Since its launch in 1996, Pokémon has continued to rise in popularity across the world. The game has since been adapted into a manga series, anime, and a recent live-action film called Detective Pikachu.

The game has several branches of its official store, the Pokémon Center, which sells not only original items but also offers various services and holds in-personal events.

Mizuno has been selling sports products for more than 110 years. The company works to contribute to society by developing better sports products and by promoting sports.

Pokémon collaborations with famous brands aren’t new. The franchise has worked with several brands throughout the years to release special collaboration items. Many of them are no longer available, making them even more valuable to fans.

Previously this year, Pokémon collaborated with Adidas. The brand released several items that took inspiration from the older games, especially with its 8-bit graphics. Similar to the Mizuno collaboration, the items include athletic clothing, t-shirts, and more. Since Adidas is known for its footwear, the brand also launched three types of sneakers with a Pokémon theme.

The Mizuno and Pokémon collaboration hit stores in Japan starting on August 15. It’s unknown how long the items will be available.