Pokémon Rumble Rush Mobile Game And Service Ends

Pokémon Rumble Rush Mobile Game And Service Ends
Credit: Pokémon Rumble Rush Official Website

The Pokémon Company has ended service for the Pokémon Rumble Rush mobile game. The game is no longer available to download, even if players have previously downloaded it. If a player has the game installed and a pending update, the update will no longer be valid. All services for the game have also ceased.

Pokémon Rumble Rush was a free-to-play mobile game developed by Ambrella for iOS and Android devices. The game first launched for Android in May 2019 and two months later on iOS. The game allowed players to connect their Nintendo Account and access My Nintendo Rewards.

In the game, players explore unknown islands, battle wild Pokémon, and look for valuable items. Players have to capture and recruit wild Pokémon along the way, train them, and then battle Super Bosses. If players collected too many Pokémon, they could send them to the adventurers Club to collect valuable coins.

Gameplay consisted of tapping the screen to direct Pokémon attacks. Tapping quickly would pull off rapid attacks, while holding down on the screen would unleash more powerful moves.

Pokémon Rumble Rush also had some crafting elements. Players could find ore, which is refined into gear for Pokémon. There are two types of gear for Pokémon to wear. Power Gear boosts a Pokémon’s stats and makes them more effective in battle. Summon Gear allows Pokémon to temporarily call in another Pokémon for aid in battle. Players can choose which gear is more effective in battle.

Refunds on in-app purchases for items like Poké Diamonds may not be available in all regions. Players will have to send a support ticket to the game to see if they are eligible for a refund. Even if players are ineligible for a refund, they can’t use their Poké Diamonds.

The official Pokémon website posted a brief message about the end of service:

Pokémon Rumble Rush has been retired and services for the mobile game have ended. From this point on, you cannot install it for the first time or update this app. You also cannot play any previously installed version of the app. Additionally, unused Poké Diamonds can no longer be used or redeemed. Thank you for enjoying Pokémon Rumble Rush.

While the official Pokémon Rumble Rush website is still available, there’s no mention yet of the end of service. The only news update is announcing the release of the game, which was last year. The news is only posted on the official Pokémon website. The Play Store and App Store pages are also no longer available.

Pokémon Rumble Rush has officially ended service.