New Career Mode Features And Updates Were Just Announced By EA For FIFA 20

New Career Mode Features And Updates Were Just Announced By EA For FIFA 20
Credit: EA Sports FIFA via YouTube

The FIFA franchise by EA has been so pivotal for the sports genre of gaming. You would be hard-pressed to find a more authentic soccer experience. The gameplay is always spot on to what you’d find in professional leagues, and there are just so many teams to choose from.

We’re now approaching FIFA 20, which has a September 27 release date. To celebrate this upcoming title, EA decided to share a few new details regarding the career mode. This is always one of the most popular modes in any FIFA game, so it’s great to see what new features are heading to this latest installment.

Starting off, there will be a new dynamic press conference system. It’s designed to make your soccer experiences that much more authentic. You’ll have all sorts of questions to answer depending on your performance. Pre and post-conferences will be different every time, which is always great to see.

There are many sports games that get tiresome in terms of the pre and post-production aspects of the sporting event. That doesn’t seem to be the case at all for the career mode in FIFA 20.

Additionally, as a club manager, you’ll be able to communicate directly with players on the team through a messenger feature. You’ll learn how various players are feeling, good or bad. It will be up to you to manage their career and steer them on the right path. How you respond will have a direct impact on how the players feel after each conversation.

All of these changes make up the bigger picture in player morale. This is an integral aspect you’ll need to focus on with every player. Keep the player morale up, and you’ll have no trouble keeping your top prospects. Answer their questions incorrectly and they’ll start learning towards trade talks.

These updates just go to show how realistic this upcoming FIFA game is going to be. Player morale is a huge aspect of actual soccer teams today.

Finally, up and coming talent will have a dynamic player potential. It’s a system that adjusts the player’s overall rating based on how they perform on the field.

If you’ve been a fan of the FIFA franchise for the last several years, these career mode updates are great to see. EA seems to be taking this iconic soccer franchise in a more authentic direction. Who knows what they’ll be able to come up with next. It’s all so promising.