My Time At Portia DLC Update Ramps Up Romance In Time For Chinese Valentine’s Day

My Time At Portia DLC Update Ramps Up Romance In Time For Chinese Valentine’s Day
Credit: IGN via YouTube

In celebration of the Chinese Valentine’s Day, My Time at Portia is getting a Romance Update. The DLC can be seen on the game’s Steam page.

The Romance Update adds more side missions for My Time at Portia. There are side missions for Albert and Sonia, Oaks, Nora, and McDonald, as well. You will also get special rewards and buy from NPC shops once you complete these missions.

You can boost your relationship with the NPCs or build the relationship between two NPCs. You can take residents out on a date, for instance, and even get married eventually.

The Romance Update also added some adjustments and fixes:

–      The clothing for the Monkey King can be changed or sold

–      The size and location of the store icon was adjusted

–      The lack of icons on the gift shops has been fixed

–      The bug involving the freezing gulls when time stops has been fixed

–      The bug that bolts Gust on the A&G Construction’s front door has been fixed

–      Text errors fixed while the Korean text has been optimized

–      New Brazilian Portuguese translation was added to the game

Qixi Festival is set on the seventh day of the seventh month of the year. Unlike the western version, it actually has a romantic story behind it. It’s the fated story of Zhi Nu, a weaver girl, and Niu Lang, a cowherd.

Apparently, the earliest reference to the story was 2,600 years ago when it was included in a poem. But it was largely celebrated during the Han Dynasty in 206 BC–220 AD. Zhi Nu and Niu Lang loved each other very much, but their love was prohibited. As a punishment, they were exiled to stay on opposite sides of the river, called the Silver River.

However, on Aug. 7th, a flock of birds would connect together so the star-crossed lovers can be with each other. The Qixi Festival actually inspired Japan’s own Tanabata Festival, celebrated every July of each year.

My Time at Portia is a cute game where you try to build a life in the fictitious town of Portia. The town is where your father used to have a workshop, which is now in disarray.

Your goal is to restore the workshop back to its former glory. If the whole feel looks familiar, it’s because the game is inspired by Studio Ghibli.