The City-Builder Foundation Is Currently In Steam’s Early Access; Lets You Construct A Medieval Town

The City-Builder Foundation Is Currently In Steam’s Early Access; Lets You Construct A Medieval Town
Credit: Raptor via YouTube

Every once in a while, you feel the need to build as a gamer. The action-packed sequences take a backseat and the creativity comes to the surface. There are a ton of building games on the Steam marketplace right now, but one that’s certainly standing out is Foundation.

Developed by Polymorph Games, this building simulation game lets you create your very own medieval cities. You get to go back to simpler times when architects had to rely on their design skills as opposed to innovative technology.

Where this game is very different compared to other building simulators is its organic design. You must rely on the elements in order to construct different structures and monuments. This makes sense given the limited tools available at the time. You’re inspired to create simpler settlements.

Another unique aspect of Foundation is its grid-less design. You have unlimited potential as far as where you build your medieval cities. The added freedom gives rise to so many design possibilities. You could create for days and still have fun.

Additionally, the game runs off the Hurricane engine. This means complete mod support. You can thus add all sorts of new tools and design features that aren’t featured with the game’s standard format. Even without mod support, this game has a lot of building resources you can use to create so many great things.

Exploring the different options is so addicting. You actually feel like a pivotal part of this new civilization. As the creator, you’ll have the chance to make adjustments where you see fit. There is no definition of the perfect civilization. You can thus create endlessly and still find a lot of enjoyment out of it.

There are two directions you can go in when designing your medieval cities. Either you can re-create them to be what they were like back in the day, or you can start from scratch and do something completely different. The choice is up to you.

Right now, Foundation is currently in Early Access on Steam. It’s a great title if you want a slower-paced style of game. Messing around with the various building tools will have you captivated for hours. Upon completing your civilization, you’ll feel so much gratification.

You’ll still want to continue adding to it, though. It’s great to see Foundation introduce new elements for this genre of gaming. It wouldn’t be surprising to see it really take off in the next couple of months.