NantG Returns Z1 Battle Royale To Daybreak Game Company; Working On It, A Bad Decision?

NantG Returns Z1 Battle Royale To Daybreak Game Company; Working On It, A Bad Decision?
Credit: H1Z1 via YouTube

The new developer of the rebranded H1Z1 has decided to drop Z1 Battle Royale. Could it be a sign that NantG Mobile made a bad decision when it took the lead in developing it?

Last month, the third season of the video game from Daybreak Game Company was introduced. This time, it already carried a new name.

With such an update reaching the headlines, many might have expected that it was already a good start. A lot of its followers might have thought that the free-to-play title is slowly regaining its popularity.

Nevertheless, another unexpected scenario happened. NantG made a huge announcement about the Z1 Battle Royale development on Steam.

The developer shared that it did everything to “recapture” the time when the game was in its prime.

It was both committed and determined to achieve this goal. In fact, it started highly optimistic towards reviving its popularity.

Amid this, NantG realized that there are things that could hamper the success they were aiming for. It admitted that there are still challenges that may affect their desire for “long-term success.”

Following this realization, it handed Z1 Battle Royale back to its original developer. Thus, H1Z1 and Z1BR belong to the same game development outfit once again.

NantG assured the fans, though, there would be no issue when it comes to the transition process. It pointed out that Daybreak agreed to maintain the servers and keep them running.

This update caused a stir. It gathered a number of comments. One of which claimed that NantG surely realized that it made a bad decision by purchasing it. The said gamer also suggested that the game could be facing its shutdown soon.

Meanwhile, some of those who commented on the announcement recommended to drop Z1 Battle Royale completely.

Instead, the developer could work on the revival of H1Z1: Just Survive, its multiplayer survival mode.

In the middle of this latest report, some people involved in the game’s development came out with some big news. They confirmed that they have been laid off.

Adam “Arclegger” Clegg, Z1BR’s lead designer via a tweet: first, a short one, then another lengthy one thereafter.

Apart from Clegg, Jason Burns and Anthony Castoro also made an announcement regarding their status. They are the game’s community manager and executive producer, respectively.

According to MMORPG, this update may spell trouble for the game’s future, which is still unknown until these days.

Keep posted for more Z1 Battle Royale news and updates, as more plot twists are happening!