Name A Better Partnership Than The Studio Behind The Hitman Franchise And James Bond

Name A Better Partnership Than The Studio Behind The Hitman Franchise And James Bond
Credit: IO Interactive via YouTube

A teaser appeared on IO Interactive’s Twitter page yesterday for a brand new project, today confirmed as Project 007. Yes, the studio behind the greatest spy (assassin) games of the modern generation is taking on the mantle of the greatest spy.

Project 007 is just a working title for now. The game will feature a brand new and original storyline from the James Bond universe, dealing with the origin of the English super-spy.

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The teaser trailer is 100% bond, featuring the iconic intro from the movies – the loaded gun, the fade to red, the famous music. IO Interactive is probably the best choice of studio to handle the IP since the original Goldeneye games.

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007 hasn’t had the best run in video games in recent history, with the latest title to be released in the official franchise a game called 007 Legends back in 2012. The FPS game was received pretty poorly, with a 41% rating on Metacritic.

Fans of both the Hitman franchise and James Bond as an IP are hoping that Project 007 is a return to the heyday of the early PlayStation Bond games, such as Nightfire.

It’s almost certain that IOI will take the game in a new direction, namely steering away from the FPS and developing the game in its usual third-person engine. How much of a crossover there will be between Hitman mechanics and the new IP is yet to be seen.

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The game is still in very early, early stages. Its official website states they are still hiring ‘elite talent’ to begin building the game, which could be a few years away at this point.

You can sign up on the official website – here – for a newsletter with more news about the game as it arrives. The IO Interactive Twitter will also likely feature more teasers and trailers in the future.