After Midnight Is A Turn-Based Puzzle Game Headed To PC Later This Month

After Midnight Is A Turn-Based Puzzle Game Headed To PC Later This Month

Afterburn is a small Poland based indie studio that has announced its new strategy puzzle game After Midnight. This unique title allows players to work as a resident in a hospital. This means dealing with patients, night shifts, pressure, and more as you try to meet everyone’s expectations. Enter into a doctoring experience that allows you to literally fight viruses.

There is a free demo of this title available on which includes the first five chapters of this unique title. Think of this game as a mixture of puzzle-solving and visual novel dramas involving hospitals. Although that may seem strange, it is just what the doctor ordered for many fans.

This is a tactical RPG where you lead a team of animal-themed medics who must contain a virus outbreak in their hospital. Although this would be a normal job, the virus is much larger than initially expected. This flips the idea of fighting the disease with literally fighting a disease.

As of now, the game contains six of its planned 11 chapters. There is still some missing art, audio, and extra detail but the developers do plan on the game being done relatively soon.  There is a free version coming out soon, which is playable from start to finish through the first five chapters.

Each of the characters in this title have unique abilities that can come in handy during combat. Players can heal teammates, attack opponents, use ranged attacks, and much more to strategically bring down a wide range of different enemies. Keep in mind that with every turn the enemies get stronger, like a real illness slowly progressing.

This game mixes a unique puzzle experience with an unusual plot that focuses on medical professionals. Although they are cartoon anthropomorphic animals, they do bring some interesting facts from a variety of medical fields into this unique title.

This game is designed to be a family-friendly experience with no violence or strong language built into it. This title plans on adding even more content to the title, but till then fans are recommended to explore the free trial later this month.

Although this is an indie game it looks relatively clean. Players must remember that the core of the game experience is a puzzle, so there is always a solution toe ven the hardest matches.

There is no set release date for this title as of yet. Interested fans can try out After Midnight for free on as of October 13th.