Drunkn Bar Fight Is Looking At A Physical Release In Europe For A Unique Fighting VR Experience

Drunkn Bar Fight Is Looking At A Physical Release In Europe For A Unique Fighting VR Experience
Credit: Steam XO

Enter into a mad fighting experience as this physical fighting game is going physical in UK and Europe. Perp Games Drunkn Bar Fight is a unique fighting experience available on PSVR and other VR systems. In short, this is good clean fun as you beat up digital bar patrons in a unique VR simulation.

This title is a ton of fun and the post-launch support continues to pour in allowing fans to get more out of their purchase as the year turns to 2021. The trailer gives a good clean VR perspective of what this title will truly look like. Fans will be excited for another party game experience where a drunken party ends in the only way that it should, a fight.

Drunkn Bar Fight is exactly what it sounds like. This game is a VR experience that allows players to be in the midst of a bar fight full of fun, silly ragdoll physics. The only limit to what chaos you can cause is up to your own imagination, and your own morality as these patrons put up their fists and prepare to take you on.

To be clear, this is not a new game by any means. It launched into Early Access back in November of 2016, but with a physical release on the horizon, many fans can see that this title is moving beyond its Early Access limitations.

Throw bottles, darts, chairs, and really anything else you can wrap your digital hands around. Beat your opponents to a pulp and enjoy a digital brew as you take on a full title of unacceptable behavior with no consequences.

This is a party game full of mayhem and chaos, and that is what makes it a load of fun. This Vr title is available across multiple headsets and continues to get post-launch content updates at regular intervals. That means that the game keeps improving, and the tab only gets larger.

As an Early Access title players can have a part in defining the future of this title. The developers are constantly on the lookout for feedback and advice through their many social networks and connections.

Interested fans can find their Discord, YouTube, subreddit, Twitter, and Instagram on the developer website or through the Steam Page.

So get drunk and rowdy in this unique digital title as Drunkn Bar Fight looks towards a physical release. The party only ends, when the last man standing falls down.