The First Episode Of Chapter Of Life Is Strange 2 Is Now Available Free On PC And Consoles

The First Episode Of Chapter Of Life Is Strange 2 Is Now Available Free On PC And Consoles
Credit: Life is Strange Official Website

Square Enix and Dontnod Entertainment recently concluded the Life is Strange 2 saga last year. The new story revolved around a pair of brothers, Sean and Daniel, and their sibling bond as they traveled south. The game was released one chapter at a time but is now available as a complete experience.

Starting on September 17, the first chapter of Life is Strange 2 is available free on PC via Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The download is permanent and won’t expire. If players decide they want to continue Sean and Daniel’s adventure, their choices will roll over into the full game. The first chapter allows players to experience more of the game outside of a short demo.

Chapter 1 contains around three hours of gameplay. The chapter introduces Sean and Daniel’s life before a major event changes things forever. Sean and Daniel decide to run away and evade the police. They believe that they will be safe in Mexico and begin their long trip from Washington, Oregon, and California.

Daniel, the younger brother of Sean, has his powers emerge in the first chapter. Not only does Sean have to help Daniel manage his brother’s uncontrollable powers, but teach him right from wrong. Actions also speak louder than words, and Daniel is always looking to Sean on what to do, and what not to do. Daniel’s development begins in the first chapter.

Life is Strange 2 has major story differences from Life is Strange 1 and the prologue Before the Storm. The title focuses on a sibling bond between two brothers, but the gameplay is similar to the other games in the series.

As Sean, players investigate various objects, which reveals more about the character’s lives. Making decisions is an important part of the game and eventually leads to an ending that brings them all together. Life is Strange 2 is a game about having to grow up quickly, which has a significant impact on both brothers. How Sean and Daniel grow depends on the player.

The first free chapter is only available as a digital download on PC and consoles. However, players can purchase the physical release for the platform of their choice on the Square Enix website. The options include a Standard Physical Edition with the game, plus physical bonuses, or a Collector’s Edition Soft Bundle with artwork, figures, vinyl score, and more.

While another Life is Strange sequel is unknown, the developer recently released Tell Me Why. The game is an adventure narrative game published by Xbox Games Studios and released exclusively for PC and Xbox One. The game is also only three chapters compared to the Life is Strange series.

Life is Strange 2 is now complete and available on PC via Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.